Searching file, shooting philm and explaining coords

When you find a file which sucked two full days of hard work, missing, you should go set something on fire. Hell, I couldn’t even find a match-box. I have no idea what happened to an excel file I had been working on, regarding my engineering project. I must have deleted it. Fuck. How could I? I feel so stupid. It is a stupid thing to do. Ranting here is not going to help. I just have to sit down and get the work done. As soon as this post is over.

Besides giving time to project and deleting files by mistake, I have also started shooting for a friend’s friend’s short film. Most of today was spent at a nice flat somewhere near Loyola. In the last movie that I did, I committed suicide. In this one, I get to kill someone! How cool! 😀 The thing should be over in a week’s time.

As expected, not many Shaastra coordinators are happy with the color I chose for them. I knew that. You give them dark blue, black, white or gray, and you get back: these are overused colours. You give them anything else, and the color is not cool. And yet, I took my chance. My typical excuse to any unhappy coord: This tshirt color is like A. R. Rehman song. You need time to start liking it. Because it’s different. 🙂

The fan in my room has not been running since quite some time. I never find the time to complain about it. I have this habit of lying flat on the bed on my back, and thinking about things, staring at the running fan. So more than the extra outflow of sweat that the hanging metal has been causing, the very fact that my thought process has been tampered irks me. Someone please get the damn thing repaired. Anyway, time now to recreate the file.

Life is hard. But its phun too. 🙂 No?

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