Yashwant Sinha and his hypocritical remarks

Mr.  Yashwant Sinha has this old habit of criticizing every budget announced by any party other than the one where he himself gets to be a part of. Also, he has the old habit of overdoing it.

He calls this year’s budget a populist one. Now everyone does so, and I wouldn’t have been wasting a post of mine laughing on Mr. Sinha had he shut up after saying just this. The funny thing is the way he adds this: ‘populism never wins elections’. LOL! The moment I read this remark, I couldn’t resist laughing my ass out. Look who is talking about trying to use populism to win elections? Wasn’t it NDA, of which he was a part of, who tried the ‘India Shining’ strategy that later got badly fucked up and paved way for Congress? What a hypocritical remark, Mr. Sinha! Declaring an ‘aam-aadmi’ friendly budget is any day a better way to impress junta than a vague marketing campaign like ‘India Shining’ because in this case at least the revenue loss that would follow as a result of tax cuts would go to the public, and not to marketing-strategists.

7 replies on “Yashwant Sinha and his hypocritical remarks”

Amazing. What a phantastic post, we could never notice it in news papers. Poor me and others.

Lol .. even if we noticed, we couldn’t analyze it. Anyway it’s great to know da that you think too and can do stuffs other than shitting also. 🙂

machha .. what you have written is true but it’s so ob da and had nothing unique to be posted, that too on your site. Specially see the contrast with other posts. Common.. entertain us da. Put your typical masala stuffs on sex, boobs, non veg humor, your encounter with girls, vulgar shitoons etc. 🙂

Aiyyo! What a bad rape! No one cribbed when I tried proposing a model for education but look here, the world is running after me because I stated the obvious.

Nevertheless, lesson learnt. Shitoons are safe, anyday! 🙂

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