Shitoon 49: Breakup

Shitoon 49: Breakup

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oooh…i didn’t recognise the cigarettes… i thought it was the frequency of, you know… 😀 makes sense too.. 😛


Makes perfect sense ! Let’s analyze Anon’s perfect sense.

So there are two different patterns visible in this chart, pre – tb and post tb. Now if the minimum difference between any of the bars is taken as unit (now you can’t shag in fraction), then the maximum frequency in pre- tb era clearly seems to be 10-11/Day. Anon easily shags this much. Okay.

Come to the post-tb era. The minimum frequency there seems to be 25/Day. Great da.

Makes perfect sense. Lol

Great crack shiamak ! and who is this dick headed Anon ? His father should have wasted his sperm in bathroom. :mrgreen:

Blame it on a break up for all the fag.. Blame it on the girl to make you sicker… Typical Vatsap?
Oh, I’m sorry did i hurt the sweet, simple and sensitive intentions behind this shitoon ??

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