Ten random facts about dark skinned Indians

  1. They actually think that creams like Fair and Lovely and Fair and Handsome work!
  2. They think they would have looked ten times more sexy had they been born with a fair skin.
  3. None of their profile pics shows their true skin colour, thanks to the increased brightness and altered saturation levels.
  4. They would not mind ripping apart skin of anyone who dares call them dark.
  5. They are always afraid of meeting online friends in real because that would reveal how they actually look.
  6. Deep inside, they are always jealous of fair-skinned people.
  7. They hate group-photographs where too many fair-skinned folks are present because in such a case, photoshop is found to be of little use.
  8. They look down upon everyone who is darker than them.
  9. At some point of time, all of them have thought about doing what Michael Jackson did to his skin.
  10. At some point of time, all of them have hated Michael Jackson for what he did to his skin.


Update (on 24 Mar 2017) – over the last nine years, I have received several comments (you can see them below) calling this post ‘idiotic’, ‘stupid’, ‘wrong’, etc. etc. Hey, I agree. If I remember correctly, I was trying to be funny here, nine years ago. Did I believe in every thing that I wrote nine years ago? I don’t remember. May be some of it. I was in college, I was young and I had a somewhat inferiority complex because of my skin colour. Do I relate to most of what’s written in this list today (in 2017) in my early thirties? No. So read this post to get an insight into how some / many young dark skinned North Indian college kids think (or thought). But don’t bother educating me about why this is stupid and all that! πŸ™‚ The nine year old me doesn’t exist anymore!

PS: Michael Jackson died a little over a year after this post was written. I am sure most of us felt bad about that. Not because he looked a certain way. We felt bad because he had created and shared his art with us that we had loved and enjoyed so much.

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ha, you’d come first in the list of ppl who photoshop to enhance their skin colours. now we know why vatsap never puts grp pics, only narcissistic self shag pics

I know what you said is probably entirely true !!! All gult and tam actors are slightly fair skinned hence better looking then the average “dark” guy …. But i think that it is racist to call dark indian “dark ” just like it is racist to call Black people black in America . I suggest you use a more acceptable term to describe the so called “Dark” indians, like ” African Indian ” or something …. :mrgreen:

Agree to the fact that not all intelligent guys are good looking and fair, but fairness in men is no competition for the gender.

Bah. I wrote a comment and now it isn’t there. I said:

Trust me, fair skin isn’t that great either. You get awfully sunburnt. Unevenly tanned, which makes it look like you have three different shades of skin colour. Not to mention, the flash is no friend of yours and makes you glow like you have a lit bulb in your mouth. Bah! 😐

Ooh, I agree w/ Jean in that dark guys look verrrrrrrry n-i-c-e! πŸ˜€

Very well written! I am sure every other dark skinned Indian feels so much better now! Though I don’t agree with No.9, never thought of going beyond No.1s! πŸ˜›

for the info, black dudes get laid easily than whites. so one day would you blame god for being brown rather than black? lastly not matter the color if one is skinny fagger! i know not everyone can be buffass..

Thanks for the en-light-enment on the nuances of having a lighter tone. And I am sure all dark guys reading this post and the comments it generated would feel good about themselves, thanks to Jean and you. πŸ™‚

Not that I remember thinking about number nine to vividly but somehow when you think of dark skin and fair skin, you HAVE to think of Michael Jackson. He just brought out the desperateness of dark guys to get fair, too loudly and too strongly.

The info might be correct, but do the blacks score over whites when it comes to getting laid, because of their color or because of something else?

Anyway, I was only trying to bring out the way most brown guys in India think. I was not cursing anyone. In India, being ‘gora’ is considered good. I guess it has much to do with the 400 years of British Raj.

We live with this gora-chitta obsession….its almost(read totally) synonymous wid good looks…its jus funny….all the envy….personally…i’d love to be a few shades darker….n the tans dont help…they jus burn!….n its true….lower the melanin the more likely u r to get tanned …and more prone to skin cancer…..

Yeah, kinda agree with you. Or rather, let’s call it the 11th random fact about dark skinned people. They think they need to be smarter than fair skinned guys. πŸ˜€

Actually if you are fair skinned, your inner organs, specially your sexual parts will be somewhat dark, but in case if you are dark then your inner parts will look more dark. And if your skin is still darker then your inner parts will look like coke. Now if by chance your skin is as dark as coke then it doesn’t make difference basically. Both inner and outer look same. You remember Kiwi shoe polish color, don’t you?

Would you go and re-read the comment? It says, dark people ‘need’ to be smarter. It doesn’t say they ARE smarter by default.

Everyone got what you were trying to say before. Hail size!

I would like the compliment ‘fuck, it’s big’ any day over ‘oh, it’s so fair and lovely’. LOL! And by the way, one doesn’t have to lose virginity to get one’s dick sucked. :mrgreen:

this discussion is brilliant! from fair skin to coal dicks to cancer! awesome!! but no matter how fair/chocolate/coal your dick is, something is always white… talk about racism πŸ˜›

A survey conducted as a part of study in Australia shows that female don’t hesitate while taking a coal black dick into their canal but they do hesitate while sucking them and they prefer fair ones with few shades of dark. That implies the preferable skin color would be a clear fair colored in this case as per my previous comment. Therefore to fuck, size matters over color, but to suck color definitely matters. Report says. (Not me) πŸ˜›

it’s evolution maccha… brown & black ppl have been arnd for longer than the white… so they’ve fucked for more generations and hence cos of friction, the thing becomes black!

I would strongly suggest you to put an ignobel paper in Mechanica. With your sense of logic, you can peacefully crack its. And if you do, give me a treat coz I ask for one. πŸ™‚

Dude i don’t think this list was really neccesary. I mean what are you trying to proove. All your doing is spreading the hate on dark skinned people. Your not helping anybody, your making yourself look like a insensitive jerk and your being destructive

Indians have got to learn to be proud of themselves. i mean they live in the same country breath the same air, eat the same food. Light or Dark Your are all indians and if for a second you forget about dark or light and look into the culture. You’ll find a really deep appreciation for India And seriously stop hating each other!

On your list…..
‘They look down upon everyone who is darker than them.’

It seems to me the point of your blog was to devalue dark skinned indians. This tells me that in effect your looking down on a group of people who is darker than you. This also implies that you are a dark indian yourself.

This says a few things about you
you are arrogant, naive, immature and close minded.

it’s prejudice to say all dark indians think like that. I mean seriously. Every dark indian.

You want to know what i think?

I think you are insecure about yourself, you are weak minded.

You want to remove yourself from the notation that you are dark yourself.

I mean how would you know all these specific so called facts……

Unless you experienced them yourself.

I was trying to make a fun of myself bro! Not that I think like the way it appears from the post, but yeah, like every other dark guy around, I have passed that phase where you wished you were fair. Heh, sounds funny now. Thanks for your comment.

Lmao! I’m dark skinned and all I can say is that this list is hilarious! I personally think its more to do with inferiority complex than color. But I don’t care coz no matter what color you have, you can still look good if you wanted to look good. Its all in the mind.

Nice post! Love the satire! But, what’s interesting is, most of the “dark” skinned Indian girls and guys that I’ve met tended to be (1) gorgeous and (2) proud of their skin color. I guess perceptions of beauty are less skewed in America, where those disgusting Fairly and Lovely commercials would be squashed, than in India. Funny, though, as a light-skinned Kashmiri girl, I’ve always wanted a nice tan. πŸ˜€ Ironic, huh?

Ironic? Not actually? When everyone around you is fair, you like being a lil tanned. Natural. When everyone around you is dark skinned, you like being a lil fair. Fair. πŸ™‚

Here is some irony for you……I am a Native American, which is often incorrectly called “Indian”. I am also very dark skinned and am mixed with african, making me subject to the same problems as some individuals in India. I equally understand the things mentioned in the list. But its culture, rather than color, that should matter. Even from half a world away.
Peace, from America


I’m also a dark skinned indian and i have no intention of risking skin cancer and spotty flaky skin with creams that that do nothing but clog pores and are made of cheap damgerous chemicals.

Love the skin you’re in. If you look after it properly the smoothness and quality of your skin will always look sexy. No matter what the colour is πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

as a dark-skinned gal i love my chocolate skin… my only crib is that my butt always seems darker and patchier than the rest of me….. now will some guy out there quickly tell me that it doesn’t matter; that it’s STILL sexy? πŸ™‚

No, it does matter! 😈

Depends or whether you think it’s hot or not. It all comes from self-confidence. Honestly, if you are a nice girl and if you make your personality or other parts of your body stand out, you the color of your butt won’t matter. It’s usually what’s inside of(the other side) it… πŸ˜›

If it makes you feel better, almost all dark skinned guys have darker penises(sorry guys, I know I have failed you here by not keeping our SECRET!!!). So if you (or any other girl) are gonna having sex with a dark skinned guy, would you feel okay with a dark d!(k in your pu$$y or mouth?! Plz reply! OUR EGO IS AT STAKE!! πŸ˜›

this is hilarious.
i think whether i have complexes for my skin color or not, i do have preferences for white skin females. I am quite irritated by the fact that its so deep routed that i cant change it. If i could, i can have a larger set of females to choose from.

Hahaha, funny list! Im South African Indian and i agree there are some dark skinned Indians who think that way but not all! I think just assuming fair skin is better is stupid and outdated. I love my dark skin and would never trade it for fair in a million years, becoz this is who i am. And tho this list is funny its just putting crap out there about skin color which is, like i said, seriously outdated. Time to move on! Also, as for no.10 on da list- alot of dark skinned indians act and talk like african americans becoz they find themselvs not thought of as attractive by lighter skinned indians, so they feel more comfortable wit people who look more like them and who they can identify with more.

I’ve never seen any really dark skinned indians in bollywood movies before. I have however heard an actor say in a movie that ‘you’re lucky that girl isn’t dark or fat.’ Also, I know that some airlines require air hostesses to be of a ‘fair’ or ‘clear’ complexion, and that fair and lovely ads promote the idea that u can’t get married or find a job if you are even a little tan. Now why would any dark skinned indian want to identify with that culture, or those ideals of beauty? No wonder they ditch it for african american culture. It does have similar colour issues to indian culture, but where, in the media, at least. there are many dark skinned individuals who are considered every bit as beautiful as their white or light skinned counterparts, like the supermodel Iman, or every bit as influential, like oprah winfrey. Also, it was dark skinned people who made dramatic changes in the world; Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Martin Luther.

I appreciate your response Rene. And as to your question about “Now why would any dark skinned indian want to identify with that culture, or those ideals of beauty”? – the answer is: out of cultural habit. Hope this habit dies soon. πŸ™‚

Dark skinned Indians do have a complex about their skin-colour but not all of them have it. Generally those who are single, furstrated and unable to find a suitable partner and start a family have such complexes and it is only natural for them to feel this way – after all India is a very class and colour based society. I have nothing against darker people but yes many times they seem to hate me because I am lighter skinned….they get very jealous of me and treat me like shit but I overlook it and try to understand why they feel this way.

My advice to dark skinned indians – stop crying over it… everyone no matter what has the potential to look good with proper grooming, healthy eating and good exercise. I think dark indian men with lean muscled bodies look very very sexy…. and the women who take care of their bodies, learn to groom themselves also look very hot – much hotter than most white women who just look very plain and featureless. Indians should focus on their grooming and bodies – rather than changing the skin colour… and please those hot looking darker Indians – please do not develop an Attitude because of your hotness, be thankful for it.

Are u talkin abt the Aryan Inavsion theory and the genius of the Dravidians and all other shit here :mrgreen: ? Actually, we are to debate we can dig deep πŸ˜€ ……… well thats what we do, rite ?
(joblesmax 😈 )

I love you dark indians!!! We are in the same struggle!!! Coming from an African American, come move with us and we can live in harmony! That, or we’ll come over there!

You tell ’em Nadia! As an African American I agree. I wasn’t born with the seperatist attitude.Nor was I brought up in a household were skin colored determined a person’s worth. I’m dark skinned so of course I fell prey to the crap people through at but in 40 yrs there’s one thing I have found is true 10 times out of 10 and that is that people who put you down are suffering from self hate. All you can do is pray for them and remember no matter who you pray to our creator”DON’T MAKE NO JUNK”

O.K. I love this blog and It’s only my first time on it. I need everyone’s help here. i have been mystified by this phenom of color my whole life. It was only when I was in high school and had a very short lived crush on an indian from london that I was faced with this. I am writing a screen play. I hope to give it to Spike Lee when I’m finished and have him make it into a movie. I need to know more about the basis of colorism among indians. I need both sides of the story. I’ve heard of african americans and caucasions all my life. I’m ready for something new. Please help.

Hey April, nice to know that you liked my blog. I am not sure how many responses you are going to get for your question. But at least, let me try to answer your question.

In the recent time, Indians were ruled by the East India Company from Britain. India got independence from them less than 65 years back. So you see, for the 200 years that they ruled, they kinda influenced everyone to look and dress like them. It’s a typical cultural effect. Everyone loves to look and dress and feel like the most powerful group around. Things are changing slowly though. But even today, if you look at Indian movies and commercial advertisements, most actors (especially actresses) and models are fair-skinned.

I’m a light skinned nubian male. ( well African -American) from LOUISIANA. CAJUN STATE… I’M BLACK AND NOT CAJUN, WELL I HAVE BLACK CAJUN BLOOD (CREOLE) THAT’S ONE REASON I’M LIGHTER THAN SOME OTHER BLACKS. I LOOK LIKE A CROSS BETWEEN DRAKE -RAPPER BARACK OBAMA-PRESIDENT AND TIGER WOODS – SOMETHING LIKE THAT I like dark INDIAN WOMEN and foreign black women in particular to americans. hit me up I FOUND OUT ALOT OF INDIANS ARE DARK BEACause they’re part Australian aborigine , with a little East Asian , maybe 15 or 20 percent and caucasian- not white European Caucasian -Western European TRUE CAUCASIAN AS IN ARMENIAN, IRANIAN OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT

I am not an Indian. But, I am amazed at how biased and racist Indians can be. I believe that, Indians are the most racist in the world. The only race that outcasts certain kinds of its people for what they are, for what they look like or for what they don’t possess. Lets be frank, Indians of certain groups criticize, belittle, shuns, treats badly people of the exact opposite group, for example:p
1. the lighter skin ridicules and treats the darker skin as second class
2. the rich treats the poor like labourers /slaves
3. the upper class treats the lower class like 2nd class citizens
4. the Brahmins are superior than anyone else

Despite of their arrogance and pride, India is one of the dirtiest countries in the world. They pray and are very pious but, they piss by the side of the temples and the road side. The politicians are so corrupt and rich but the public look like poor uneducated slum dwellers. It is so easy to cause a riot in India because they cannot think rationally with their small minds. They still live in the medieval days.

Grow up India, This is the 21st century. Open your minds and hearts to the world, the people, the cultures and for humanity.

I visited North India once last year and will not visit India again until I hear that it has changed..


hahahaha, bro. u need to grow up. enough of your nappy days.
I dont know from where do u gets such thoughts. I am an Indians & never saw any such things prevalent over here. Sitting on your computer, reading blogs, researches, comments wont fetch you good info. time to wake up. You need to step down to India to know about India. its just like- u cant learn swimming without entering a pool.
and did you forget about racist countries, where dark complexioned people are not treated equally.
First know your country bro, I am sure there must be many problems ovr thr.
So kid, be a man nw

i did not know that their was so much discrimination between darker and lighter colored Indians. i myself am an African American and within my family are variety of colors ranging from light to dark. and honestly when i was growing up i did want to have a lighter skin skin color but that was because all i seen was lighter actors who were glamorous and because thats what society shown me that was my obsession but know i realized that i love me for me and not color and i would never what to be fair like a ghost
please don’t take this the wrong way and degrade me for not being an Indian but i have many Indian friends whom i truly care for.

I am a dark skinned Indian and I love my skin!! =D
You’re talking like being dark is a bad thing? I’d take it as a compliment! I have half-German cousins who tan their skin whenever they come to India!
I don’t mean to discriminate but I think tan people are waaay sexier, and I know for a fact that many agree with me! =D

LOL! this is soo stupid.And yea,probably some do it BUT I have dark skin( if my hair was different,i might pass for black),and never even realised it was an issue until recently. I always thought it was beautiful ^^ Even if other people didnt think so! I think features,figure and grooming are more important than skin tone.
and,often lighter skinned people come with hooked noses and dark under eye circles ^^ hehe, guess the good and bad come in all skin tones. don’t mean to sound conceited,but I love my dark skin and wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way-and,im not probably beautiful to others,but i am to myself and to those who know me well πŸ™‚

10 things “fair” skinned Indians think about themselves….
1. they always think they are “fair” and that it makes them automatically beautiful…(its not your complexion that determines YOU!)
2. they think beauty is just the color of their skin.
3. they forget they might have acne too,and that skin cancer might affect them faster
4. they forget when ppl write “stupid things” like’s not facts but only to hurt and induce bad feelings in others..(please act more to who-ever-wrote-this-article, you narcissistic mean person!)
5. they forget all the great men who made a diff in the world were DARK and FAIR too…(only that fair skinned brought only trouble)
6. that dark skinned ppl are not only stronger but also more matured and approachable….(oopsie! and atleast using fair and lovely isnt shitty..its a personal opinion…the ADs describing them are stupid and oh! even this article!)
7.they forget if youre fair or dark isnt enough…you got to be smart too!
8.they judge worse than the dark skinned..(ie on the dark skinned ppl) coz they never know how it is to be in a dark skinned person’s shoes!
9.fair skin has problems dealing with it too..
10. now for the person who wrote this shitty article….this did make want to peel your skin coz im dark( thats the only fact! others all are mostly personal choices and opinions!) and by the way, looks like you’ve never had ne bad things to deal with huh…(i’m sure you have no dark friend you weirdo! )
and one more advice change your thinking…make ppl feel good abt themselves for once!
and for all those who were guys sure are amazing πŸ™‚

I find it so anomalous how Indians are so enamoured by fair skin! I’m an Indian living in Australia, and i’m extremely fair (fairer than a lot of my Australian friends, who have beautiful, tanned summer-kissed skin), and whenever I visit India I am gawked at like i’m Deer and they’re food deprived Tigers. This dark-skinned girl complex you speak off is so odd because I find myself being jealous of dark skinned girls so often, they look so elegant and royal with their chocolate skin. That bollywood actress Bipasha Basu personally makes me want to cry myself to sleep because of how beautiful she is haha.

Indians can be half stupid and half smart.

For example in religion they talk about Karma and how ill-treating an individual results in people suffering the same hurt back. We have to see everyone as EQUAL , is their vision as a result of philosophical spirituality. THIS IS THEIR SMART SIDE.

THE STUPID SIDE is people STILL rely on CASTE SYSTEM and stop certain castes people( usually poor) from entering temples and high castes( richer or educated) from entering temples.

Who on earth, has GIVEN such RIGHTS TO ALLOW , who should go and not go to place of Worship. Everyone is EQUAL regardless of race, colour, status,etc. in EYES of god. EVERYONE has access to WORSHIP lord whenever they want and SOME of these BRAHMINS( think they are superior when they are retarded) who think they can control, which caste can enter and not. THEY STUDY VEDAS, OTHER LITERATURE SOURCES and still think CRUDELY.





I personally feel that we dark skinned people should stop watching the films of bollywood actor and actress who promote
fairness cream ad.. why should we richen their a@@ at the sake of getting feeling inferior..
we should always live positive and carefree life , make thouse “beautiful” people envy by our happy go luck demeanour

apart the idiotic ramblings of a moron was step-by-step

1. Putting “Facts” in your title, doesn’t make it valid or in the least bit factual, it merely makes you sound like a moron who doesn’t know the meaning of “fact”. Here’s an exerpt from the Oxford Dictionary, hopefully this will aid you in your future endeavours: “noun
a thing that is indisputably the case:
she lacks political experienceβ€”a fact that becomes clear when she appears in public
a body of fact
(the fact that) used in discussing the significance of something that is the case:
the real problem facing them is the fact that their funds are being cut
(usually facts) a piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article.
chiefly Law the truth about events as opposed to interpretation:
there was a question of fact as to whether they had received the letter”

2.”They actually think that creams like Fair and Lovely and Fair and Handsome work!” Broad generalisation, never heard of it, never wanted to use anything like it, so… Dark-skinned indians huh?

3.”They think they would have looked ten times more sexy had they been born with a fair skin.” Oh you silly goose,”ten times more sexy, that’s simply grammatically incorrect”, it’s sexier and no, no we don’t, it’s ignorant people like you that enforce that idea, so you have a problem with that? Stop writing pathetic pieces like this.

4. “None of their profile pics shows their true skin colour, thanks to the increased brightness and altered saturation levels.” Yikes! You’re just chock-full of these over-generalisations, not sure whose profile pictures you’ve been looking at but not of the people I know do that… So… FALSE again, try using words like some not none because that’s how you look like you let a drunk monkey type your blog out, anyone with common sense(which I understand you may not have) knows that seeing as you wrote this post as facts, it has to be true. Some of us (which may come as a shock to you) actually like our skin colour (imagine that, actually embracing your skin colour, wow)

5. “They would not mind ripping apart skin of anyone who dares call them dark.” Oh dear, didn’t have any form of education, did you? Ahh don’t worry it explains a lot, nonetheless, I would revise my syntax and semantics if I were you. So now the question is, are we in denial about our colour?? No, it’s simply because when people call you dark it’s in the same ignorant and condescending tone of your post, so if I were you, and let’s just pretend you managed to rub together those last two brain cells of yours, I would notice the common problem becoming clearer, you.

6. “They are always afraid of meeting online friends in real because that would reveal how they actually look.” Oh lordy, did you let your drunk monkey type this? So lucky for us “Dark people” we’re not scared to meet online friends in real [Life, I’m assuming], we just have this amazing ability of making friends in real life (Imagine that?? Not hiding behind a computer screen and polluting the internet with stupidity, wow!)

7. “Deep inside, they are always jealous of fair-skinned people.” Wow you got me, all I want in life is to be someone like you, someone so ignorant and narcissitic I could look like a complete ass online and because I know in real life I’m so insecure I can only feed my ego by criticizing people I don’t know nothing about, claiming facts because I’m entitled to it because you know what I’m fair and I can. Incase you missed it, that is called sarcasm. I find your article loathsome due to that lack of validity of it all. I may not be fair but I have fair friends and family, I don’t envy them, because why should I? My worth is not based on the colour of my skin, but rather my life and my actions, I know that I capable of everything anyone lighter, darker, taller, shorter, fatter, skinner, older or younger is.

8.”They hate group-photographs where too many fair-skinned folks are present because in such a case, photoshop is found to be of little use.” Oh delusional Amrit, is it? I’m 16, I lived in America and have lived in South Africa, I take group pictures all the time because unlike you, it’s not about my skin colour, because even if I wanted to lighter, can’t do anything about it, but capturing memories, I enjoy having those photos and looking back at them. When I look at them I don’t think, Oh my word I look so dark, I think about the memory in itself, believe it or not, we’re not deluded about the colour of our skin. Your whole post follows the premis we are ashamed of the colour of our skin. Some of us are, but that’s not something we are born with, it is caused by years and years of people like you making us feel like being dark-skinned makes us lesser than you, because you know how jealous us dark folk are of you.

9.”They look down upon everyone who is darker than them” Actually that would be you

10.”At some point of time, all of them have thought about doing what Michael Jackson did to his skin” Simply, no, I think more than anything I pitied him, because I saw what monsters like you can push a person to do, with your snied remarks and silly blogs.

11. “At some point of time, all of them have hated Michael Jackson for what he did to his skin.” Unlike you, we were blessed with the ability to empathise, because we understand what caused him to do it.

I found this entire post disgusting, and whilst other people praise this pathetic excuse of a blog entry I must say I was disgusted by your disregard for the subject of your work, your ignorance, and your degrading opinions which you passed off as fact. I am a 16-year old girl, who is quite honestly sick of hearing people like you write disgraceful pieces like this and posting it on the internet, to further degrade a large number of human beings and INDIANS like yourself. You are probably the worst kind of person in the world, the kind that hides behind a computer screen and preaches such hate, poisoning the minds and opinions of all the people who read your blog. I find it dissappointing that you can write this, about your own people, fellow indians. Please, if there is one thing, just one thing you can take away from this, is try to change the world, contribute something more than ignorant and narrow-minded opinions. You will find my comment rude, and offensive, it serves as an illustration of what reading your post was like for me, but how you feel write now is nothing compared to how degrading your post was. I hope you do read this sir, and I hope it changes your perspective or at least makes you think. Maybe the next time you post something like this you will think again. Perhaps you will shrug it off and never think about it again, but I hope it impacts someone, and stops this behaviour, you are grown-ups, I’m only sixteen, can you not act like grown-ups and think about what your posts do, and they impact people, teenagers and children like me? You posted this in 2008, think about all the people who have seen this. I am just extremely disappointed you sir and your blog.

come to caribbean. We love dark skinned indian girls. lol. i’m saying the obsession with skin tone doesn’t exist here. I’m just saying most of us are mixed. We dont care about your skin tone.

I have had ‘attitude’ from dark skinned Indians all my life, & i’m Indian!
I’ve been called a paki by dark skinned Indians (I’m a Hindu Gujarati, – what does that say about the Indian self image?) & all black people assume I’m racist even when I’m just sitting ther playing on my phone waiting for the bus.
White people assume I’m an immigrant ( even though I was born here, & wear a suit to work ), all because dark skinned people hate lighter skinned people.
Dark skinned Indians just hate on anything that reminds them of thier own skin colour.
I’ve had over weight dark skinned girls hit on me just because I treated them like a normal human & then call me racist for knocking them back. I DONT DATE FATTIES! I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR SKIN COLOUR AS MUCH AS YOU DO!
Now I avoid dark skinned Indians. I’m even lighter then Kashmiris ffs!
I await the ” LOL Gujjus are black & short!” comments that all Indian forums are phuking full of!


I just wikied, quoting from there – “Although Jackson was diagnosed with the skin disorder vitiligo, it was also widely speculated that the change was due to skin bleaching”

India and it’s men are disgusting. I met an Indian man who is a Hindu who already had a long time girlfriend in America who knew nothing until I told her. I am in Germany. His name is “Anmol Chandon” or “Nikka Anmol”. He cheats lies and is a lying piece of shite. He took photos of our visit to show his friends and used me. He uses online dating sites to find women all over the world and con them. He uses them to stay with or have sex usually until they see him in person……. He is disgusting with bad hygiene and clogged pores all over, very short, and dirty. He is doesn’t deserve any woman and all need to beware. He preys on innocent white women, filipinos, and anything with fair skin…. spreading herpes and worse. He is a coward and swine.

Yes you are right. Every Indian is exactly like Anmol Chandon. It is obvious that you if you meet one disgusting loser from a particular nation (of a billion people), the rest of nation must be exactly like that one disgusting loser. So true!

Its so the western world nobody really cares about your complexion with the exception of few idiots here and there.. India is still stuck in prehistoric times lol. Let them fair n white women take these pathetic insecure men.. I’d prefer aa strong confident big dicked African guy anyday πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

N about the Bollywood thing.. Only Indian actresses in INDIA are fair/white (aishwarya Katrina that German chick from Big Boss – Claudia)

But the beautiful dark skinned Frieda Pinto, Sarita Chaudhary, Nandita Das, Priyanka Chopra etc. are all INTERNATIONAL sensations..n many other famous people are part-Indian. so if other darkies like me are looking for true love but having trouble finding a man in India go abroad n find a man who loves ur dark skin. Trust me. These losers will come running after you once they know you’ve moved on to greener pastuers . πŸ˜€

Remember that you are loved n wanted too, πŸ™‚

You sir are the most ignorant man i have witnessed. Almost all of this crap is untrue. Me, my friend Jet and my other friend Rajat have dark skin that is comparable to a light chocolate black person and we are not afraid to show who we are. I will not lie, some of the this nonsense is true especially the thing about being jeleous deep down cause i knew a couple like that. But the rest of this is just pure nonsense and probably just assumptions of what you think is facts about them. Instead of making false facts to decieve the uneducated and gullible you should be making a more reasonable facts. Like how indians are descendants of the dravidan race, or how dark skinned are genetically more caucasoid in dna regardless of their skin color than their lighter skin (delhi/northern) counterparts. At the end of the day we are all Huamns and should not be strung up on crazy things such as skin color but unfortunately we’re too stupid take our minds off of race. If you like lighter skin, darker skin, or inbetween then that’s your buisness. If you like person of a different race, ethnic group, or nationality then that’s your preference but think look down on others race and think of them as inferior just because they’re dark skin skinned, your only mentally setting yourself up for failure. But my point is that by you making these facts your only giving people the half truth since some of it is indeed true but the rest is probably crazy nonsense you got from only a couple of dark skin indians and not majority, and a statement with some truth in it and some lies in it is very deceptive. So please in the future do your research and talk with others as best as you can and make sure your not making or even recieving false information from others. Goodbye.

I find dark skinned Indian woman amazingly attractive. BUt it is true, most fair skinned people try and tan and most dark skinned people want lighter skin.

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