My LOLy girl

Prachi portrait

My LOLy girl.
The hugs to her and the birthday wishes.
The birthday girl on the phone.
The pain in the back and the heating pad.
Peek-a-boo at the giphts.
The red wine.
Fuck, the fucking red wine.
(Amrit, aage bolega?)
The game that I came up with.
How the gaym came back to me. 😛
The seven on one aka Alto Zindabaad
Zara’s and the cake and the mocktail and the beer and the squid and the prawn and the aloo and the Vodka shot.
Haath hata saaley, she isn’t your girl friend.
The wheel that flew.
A message from the one, who had left long ago.
The peeing on the footpath
The wheel that was put again.
The tea, the night-out and the silent tears.
The ‘kya hua?‘ in the middle of the night.
The shoulders that let me cry.
The early morning Sierra ride.

‘This was one of the best birthdays I have ever had’, she had said while wiping my tears. I am so glad I was a part of it.

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22 replies on “My LOLy girl”

Who’s this girl ? I mean.. is this face imaginary or real ? It’s beautiful !

Can I have her e-mail id or phone no. or anything, so that I can talk to her. I’m in love with it/her (i/r). F1

ah!….all these on a potrait…i shud make public appearences wen i m deprived of compliments 😛 (hopes no one’s listening)

Jo beet gayi so baat gayi
Ambar ke taron ko dekho
kitne uske taare toote
kab ambar shor machaata hai?

shor mat macha – jab milenge to phir se teraa budday celebrate karenge!
hugs and love and all those thing! muaah!

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