Here’s the deal. I am going to be unreachable on cellphone and missing on gtalk. I won’t be seen parking anywhere else but in my own room. I will go to mess alone. I will go to fag alone. I will have coffee alone. Alone, I guess is the key here. I won’t be talking much to anyone. In fact I would avoid talking at all times without appearing weird, if possible. I shall check all my mails and Google reader updates once every day at 12 in the night and finish replying/commenting, if needed, by 1. I won’t deny myself the pleasure of blogging, because that my dear friends, could prove to be suicidal. A blog a day is fair. A blog a day, should come. But I shall certainly not view my own site (yes, I do view like a million times a day).

This ordeal shall end on the 29th of Feb. Today is Valentine’s day. My love deprived heart might cheer up a little to see some romantic comments. So what if I shall be seeing them only when the day is over? Wish me.

And to you, my dear reader, who, over a period of time, has built a praiseworthy appetite for phres blogshit, I wish you, happy V day. Go, fall in love. And if you are already in love, need I say anything?

I need time with myself. I need to get underground.

7 replies on “Underground”

yes, go underground. That’s all you need… time with yourself…
new year’s eve… vday… stay underground… best times spent alone…
atleast this time unlike the new yrs eve you let ppl know u r not there… good…
have fun…

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