How Shah Jahan helps consultants make money

Of course he is dead. It wasn’t just the Taj Mahal that he constructed before dying. Shah Jahan also built the Jama Masjid. This mosque was one of the loveliest that India could boast of. Over the years, however, the beauty declined.

There aren’t many mosques in India which attract tourist the way Jama Masjid does. So, the issue of declining beauty of course was a concern to those who benefited from the revenues incurred from the inflow of tourists. Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) developed a plan to revamp the historic structure at a whopping cost of 240 crores. Did I mention a plan? Hick, here’s the catch.

Who do you think came up with the plan? The MCD? Go die. The answer is: a consultant. A group of consultants in all probability. It doesn’t take more than five guys like me to help agencies such as the MCD in preparing optimistic and financially sustainable plans to achieve such giant tasks. One percent of 240 crores is 2.4 crores. Usually the money spent on consultancy is close to 4-5%. Get the picture? There’s more to talk about.

If consultants are needed to prepare redevelopment plans and feasibility reports for Municipal bodies, they are also needed by the state government bodies who are supposed to review the submitted reports. Talk about making money both ways. Talk about Shah Jahan.

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