Three days and three nights

After a tiring journey, you reached here
only to find that your son wasn’t near.

I’m sure you must have felt bad.
And oh I know, what I did was sad.

We spent time, going here and there.
I was too silent, you were soon aware.

‘Is everything fine?’ you asked in vain.
I never opened up, I hid my pain.

I wish I were able to, open my heart
and explain to you, my life’s sad part.

Now that you are gone, away once more,
I miss your love, the only love that’s pure.

PS: Parents left Chennai today after having spent three days and three nights at IIT

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Yeah… parents intuitively feel our pain… we don’t even need to say so in words…

The entire prb in the world is due to such over-dependence on “words”!

We “expect” other people to express their feelings for us in words… which they never manage to do… the reason for so many broken relationships!

And we “wish” ourselves to be able to express our own feelings for others in words… which we never manage to do… the reason why we can’t “connect” with people at a more meaningful n deeper level.

My 1 year old nephew isn’t able to talk yet… so how does he communicate then?

When he’s happy… he just gives a big ear-to-ear grin… n hugs whoever his tiny arms can get a hold of!

When he’s sad… he doesn’t give that big ear-to-ear grin… but still hugs whoever his tiny arms can get a hold of!

And the bond is made… and the hearts are opened… no explanations given or required… just plain and simple “understanding”…

Loved this post btw! [Hugs for u] Take care… 🙂

The link just gives a whole lot of… well code! :-/

And no… I’m totally clueless about feeds!

I guess it’s that little orange icon on people’s sites and blogs… that says RSS on it (???)

But tht’s practically the only thing I know abt it!

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