Whatever happened at IIMB

We put up one helluva show. It went really tight. Everyone cracked the roles. MGM, Porko, Mistake, N2, Naresh, Bulk, 8P. Each one of them put up a studd performance. Varuni was perfect with sound and Prasanna was smooth with lights. Only two things went wrong for the play. One, there were two power-cuts (read: lights went off in the middle of the play). Two, we exceeded the time limit by 5 minutes.

IIMB came second. First was Lady Sriram College from Delhi. Yes, we didn’t get anything. Bad judgment (we had seen the other plays, and they didn’t come even close). Real bad judgment. Period.

And best actor award! Let’s not even talk about it. It was more like the award for best brit-accent.

Let me conclude this post on a happy note by talking about the good things. It was a fun journey, especially all the running that we did to catch the train minutes before it would leave Chennai Central. All of us were sweating as we hopped inside our coaches. It was fun sharing berths too (we could not get all seats confirmed). The post-play booze party at Al Le Rock was a blast, though I crashed off after a couple of beer bottles and could get up only when junta were already doing Tequila. Thankfully, I was one of the few sober guys during the return trip.

And yeah, my parents reached before me. When I called them up in the morning, from train, they were already in my room. But thankfully, I didn’t get screwed. So sweet of them.

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a. It is Le Rock and not Al Rock.
b. You had draught or bottle ?
c. Must have been good fun.. 😛
d. Chickaas ?
e. Guess who was woken up in the morning thanks to your delay in reaching insti before your parents… ?

And put intro da.

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