Adult events

Fuck fresh air

When I am in the mood to talk and listen, I can win anyone’s heart.

When I am not in the mood, I am an ass.

Fuck me, I need fresh air.

My parents will reach Chennai on Saturday morning. And I am psyched. Suddenly I feel like they are intruding a life that had been so separate from them. At home, I am someone else. Here, at IIT I am someone totally different. Neither my mom, nor my dad has ever been to IIT Madras. In my first year, when I had first come to this place, I had come alone. During the course of time, people came. People left. I still am alone. Fuck me. I need fresh air.

Tonight, I will leave for Bangalore. Tomorrow I will be in IIM Bangalore. The business school has its culfest on. IIT Madras is participating in the dramatics event. The play is an edited version of Glengarry Glen Ross. I play a cop Baylen, who has like less than fifty words to speak, and is seen on the stage for like 5 of the 50 minutes that the play runs, but that’s okay. I didn’t get into the team because I was looking forward to display my talent as an actor. I got into the team because I like the team. It has some of the best actors insti has, and it’s always a pleasure to see them crack the characters on stage.

Had my parents not been coming on early Saturday morning, I would have loved to spend my weekend in Bangalore. But now, the only thing that I hope for is, I reach Chennai Central from Bangalore before them. If I am late, I am screwed.

Fuck me. I need fresh air.

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not yet fucked ,but eager to .i am seaching for the best person to πŸ˜†

i have started to know myself ,at my mere age of 12

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