Every time I look at it…

Tu dhoop hai, jham se bikhar
Tu hai nadi, o bekhabar
Beh chal kahin, ud chal kahin
Dil khush jahaan, teri to manzili hai vaheen

I almost always use grids to draw portraits. It helps me get the exact resemblance of the original face. Also, all the portraits that I have done so far have been black-n-white graphite pencil sketches.

Today, I did a free hand portrait using colored water soluble pencils. This was my first colored portrait, done totally free-hand. It does resemble the face it is supposed to resemble. The exactness is however missing. But, I like it because though it doesn’t look that real, it looks more raw and pure than anything I had ever done before. It has a totally different feel to it. Every time I look at it, I see spirit, energy, life, passion, love, truth, honesty, hope, light, God, blessing, hope, desire, the child in me.

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babu ji jara dheere chalo
bijli giri yahan bijli giri
nano mein chingariyan
babu ji jara dheere chalo

I almost always used to run very slow.. dheere in life as my path was lightning struck all the way n I was afraid of that…

Today, all of a sudden after watching a porn I came out of that fear n made a devastating portrait of human folly on my own that too with totally tied hands…. n folks it has come out so good ( ..god promise) that every time I look at it, I feel a complete orgasm. I feel like licking my own ass for making such a nice portrait. It’s full of sex, boobs, fuck, yuk … n a horny me.


Ohh where is it ? Show us..

Yes, where is that ?


I don’t have it anymore.

( His neighbor shagged on it in his absence )


Ohh.. you r God.

Yeah.. godliness. I can imagine .. it’s like rediscover your sex life. I too have done it once.

@Whats Going there

I think you are the girl, Vatsap F**ked on 31st night. And now when you are preggy with his child, you want to create distrust for him among his friends.

Lady, Chillout and consult a gynae.

Have luck and cheers.


What did you make?


ROTFL. By the way, the portrait is with the person whose portrait it was.


I will make another one that can be put on my blog. The one that I talked about was too close to heart to be shown to anyone.


Don’t rape him now! πŸ™‚ He is one of the few anonymous guys I appreciate because he has the courtesy to let me know his identity at least in terms of his mail id. They who don’t even do that are worse!

omg i did not understand anything except the fact that it was a picture being discussed. WTF is the comments discussion all about ? :O

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