Shitoon 34: Blood Donation

Shitoon 34: Blood Donation

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I can see two interpretations. There could be more.

1. Things are going pretty normal till the bald guys speaks out ‘Suck my blood’. A passing by mosquito hears this, finds it an irresistible offer, shows up, and says Hi! On a deeper plane, this suggests that sometimes the same things make different sense to different people. Like here, ‘suck my blood’ was not meant to attract the mosquito, but to let the person on the other side of the phone know that someone was willing to donate blood.

2. The mosquito that shows up in the end is nobody else but the e-mailer’s girl-friend’s uncle’s neighbour’s mom. She was the one who had sent the e-mail (the assumption of course is that she is a super-geek and knows how to make effective use of spamming). Once confirmed that the bald guy doesn’t mind donating some blood, she shows up! Once again, on a deeper plane, this is supposed to make fun of human beings who send such mails/messages/orkut (demanding blood), by comparing them with mosquitoes and calling them blood suckers.

Guest post.. hmm.. soon.. soon..

Lol. I thought of both the possibilities u listed here but did not think so much about the deeper meaning. The literal meaning is funny in itself :D.

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