Shitoon 33: Picasso

Shitoon 33: Picasso

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Meaning is subjective.

By the way, jumped straight to the scene where the leader’s gf starts kissing the casanova kid in the movie that you spoke about.

Damn! She is hot.. 😛

Will watch the whole movie today.

ah, nice artwork da! very colorful.
Wonder how you came up with it…

And Interesting choice of a cat and mouse discussing picasso and life. 🙂
Great stuff man.


🙂 What are human beings but cats and mice?


Now stop throwing art jargons and art trivia at me. All I know about Picasso is that he drew abstract art. And anyway, neither the cat nor the mouse are art-students. Their knowledge about Picasso (or for that matter whoever the actual painter must have been) is as flawed as mine.

Holy smokes nevertheless. 🙂

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