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Couldn’t run. Swam.

Bank holidays are limited. But whenever they are, dad loves taking out the bike or the van, and spending time with nature. Yesterday was one such day, and particularly special for him because his two sons were home.

We (add mom to the three characters introduced in the first para) went out, found a river, swam, ate food and had fun. Perfect holiday with sunshine in otherwise cold season. The video below captures that mood aptly.

Had I not injured my left knee while doing a 10k few days back, I would have run yesterday (as per the actual plan), all the way from home to wherever the river was. 

The knee is healing slowly. And here’s a small tip to budding runners: running on sloped terrain fucks you way more easily than running on plain terrain; ask my knee! And do that in a cold morning to make sure you can’t run for three straight days.

9 replies on “Couldn’t run. Swam.”

I hope you dont forget my souvenir. 🙂

Nice to see your are having fun.

New years plan… Innovative or party till you puke sorta suggestions?

Erm. Lots of ideas. Will email thee.

Party till you puke sorta:
Go burn Pasha’s floor… 😛

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