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The last time I had seen her, she was just born and I was yet to visit IIT Madras for the first time. The JEE results were out though, and technically speaking, I already was an IITian. Every new-born child’s face has always looked the same to me, and this was true in Disha’s case too.

All these four and a half years, most of which were spent at IIT, I neve got a chance to meet her again. So it was a delight to find her amongst everyone who had come to recieve me at the railway station. We fell in love the moment we saw each other, and were in awe of each other till she, along with her parents left for home yesterday.

Disha, I am gonna so much miss you for such a long time. I am sure that when you grow up, you will love this video. Others, you might love it already! 🙂

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Really very very cute. I agree with TF..wish someone took my video too 😳

Lovely thing to gift anyone with. Beautiful memories 😀




No. Someone inspired Aamir khan. 😛




How was the story telling?


You are the one who is going to show Disha to many like Disha by the time she grows up. 🙂

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