Dear God

Hope everything is good up there.

I lost precious things in life which meant more to me than a job. But of course I am happy that I have a job now. Everyone at home is happy. In fact they are going to be so much more happy when they see me on Sunday. Oh yes, God I will be leaving for home in sometime.

So God, you see it’s going to be a boring journey. I mean, of course unless you decide to do me a favor and send some chick who can give me a quality company. I can already see your right eyebrow raised God, but cummon, I am not asking you to send me a sex starved hot babe who asks me out (to toilet) and gives me a nice blow-job (though I would love it if you get so modest). All I am asking/requesting/pleading is that let me have a beautiful company.

I am sure a million guys want this. But how many ask it? Many, you say? Oh, ok. Well God, but tell me this: how many go ahead and write a post for you? Not everyone is a choot you say? Well, in that case I so much agree with you God. There’s no denying that. But all are equal in your eyes, hey Dev, be they choots or cocks or cunts, correct? I’ve already started talking like a consultant who can’t give up till he has convinced the other party, you say? Well, he he. I guess I am going to love my job in that case. What do you think?

I should shut the fuck up and go pack my things if I have to catch the train, you say? Umm, well, sure, but do remember about what this chweet little son of yours asked you Goddie dear. You will, right? Yeah yeah, going going. Will pack, will pack. Cyao.

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He Vatsa:p,

Tumhare bagal waale birth pe ek kanya milegi. Us-se jee bhar ke baat karna aur samay aur safar ka anand lena.

Jaate samay use dhanyawad bahan jarur bolna


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