Ten Downing Street, Chennai

When at this place, drinking beer and blowing smoke, you just might feel like you actually are at a rich friend’s place who owns a mansion in T. Nagar. Yes, this pub succeeds in creating that home-party like environment where there’s enough room to sit and where the music is not too loud for you to talk.

The place is costly but then besides the money part, I couldn’t find anything else that was bad. If I try to be a total jerk critique, I might say that the dance floor could have been bigger. But frankly dear, I guess the small dance floor only helps give TDS that homely appeal.

PS: Thank you my dear sweet friend for the treat! You made my day! I loved the place and the booze and the sutta and the chicken (I still don’t remember the word that follows chicken) and the peanuts and the dancing (if it was anything close to it, given that I kept falling down 😛 ) and above all your company. Thank you so much! 🙂

How to Reach?

Look at the map below. TDS is not market on the map, but you can locate The Residency Towers. From there you have to keep walking up on the N. Boag road for about 300 metres. TDS is on left side of the road if you follow this way.


12 replies on “Ten Downing Street, Chennai”

I had a total blast too…lovely time…
and and the dance floor WAS big enuff!!…. 😡 😡

@ caesar
we missed u…dontcha worry…we shall celebrate once u r back :mrgreen:

Hi, I came from the US for holidays and will spend the next 10 days in Chennai. I would love to go to this place but what turns me down is that I need a girl to go inside.

While the US concept is to find a girl inside the bar here it is opposite.

Let me know how I can get in…I really want to get in and spread the word to my friends back in the states…

Beta Arun, don’t be so tharki! Jokes aside, you can always get in if you are dressed properly WITH shoes, and you don’t go alone on one of those two days in a Week when they allow only girls/couples. Check out which two days are they.. I guess Wednesday and Saturday..

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