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Small sketches smaller laughs: Sketch it play review

Play: Sketch It

Production: ASAP, Chennai


  • 8th Dec 2007 4 pm, 7:00 pm
  • 9th Dec 2007 4 pm, 7:00 pm

If you have seen all the good Monty Python sketches and there’s hardly anything that Rowan Atkinson did and you didn’t watch, then Sketch it is not for you at all. It was undeniably the most non-original thing that I saw. The top four plays in IIT inter-hostel dramatics event are 3.14 times better, anytime. And you don’t eve have to pay anything to watch plays at IIT.

Sketch it had two actors. Amit Singh who acts and Venky who acts better. The problem wasn’t with the actors (although I should say here that Amit didn’t quite seem to be the man who can do sketches well sinc he lacks a good voice unlike Venky who was the only good thing about yesterday’s show). The problem was with the non-originality. The only original sketch that they did was the take on other productions like the Madras Theaters, Theater Nisha and Evam.

Hope ASAP does some real play the next time! Because if it continues doing plays like this, the other theater groups that it tried laughing at, won’t even consider including ASAP’s name if they ever try to do something similar.

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