Thank you, you and hey there, you too!

Ah, finally. After infinite fight, sleepless nights, strained eyes, paled fingers (oops, didn’t rhyme this time), and on and on, finally, Vatsap? is back in it’s full form, with more power-packed features than it ever had.

I would like to thank myndcfukd who has a big heart and a bigger server space (read: 300 GB), which he readily offered me to use for hosting my site. I would also like to thank Dr. Arunn for helping me move my site from the old server to this new one.  And last but not the least (yawn…) I would also extend my gratitude to my dear readers who stood by me as I was coping with the disaster.

PS: Yes, I know password protected posts annoy you like shit, but sometimes I really can’t help it. :( Will try to keep them as less as possible. Don’t HATE me for them. Okies?

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