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Launch of the Phres IITian series


How do you like the idea of peeking into the life of a random IITian? This is exactly what you get to do through my Phres IITian series. The aim is to let my readers get a flavour of different kinds of IITians; those who haven’t yet passed out; those who have been working since the day they passed out; those who cracked CAT and left for IIM; those who flew to US; those who quit a regular lifestyle to follow their own passion.

There never is an end to phres shit, is it? :)

PS: Any IITian/ex-IITian who wants to do community service by giving gyaan on this blog, do drop a comment and I shall get back to you.

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ya i wouldnt mind sharing my experiences to give the other a better insight into IIT( trust me none of that is cool gyan all harsh truths)

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