The Shitoon Poll

Some of you might have noticed the poll (different version than what the site shows now) flashing on the sidebar yesterday. It had one problem. It did not allow more than one vote from the same ip. And since the entire insti (read: IIT Madras) offers only couple of ip’s, many junta who wanted to vote, could not.

The problem has been solved by enabling a cookie-based poll (you can’t vote twice from the same computer, unless you are wicked enough to keep deleting you cookie-info every five minutes). But in the process, the twelve votes that had already been cast, are now lost. I apologize to those, who took the pain of voting, only to see a fresh poll being put in place. But I guess, they understand my reason for doing the same.

Enjoy voting.

The last end-semester exam for this sem is over. 😀 Yippee, yippee, yo yo.

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“No comments. I am an asshole is the best option I have ever seen”. I dont understand why people sometimes answer a question with no comment!! Should be made a regular option. ( I am referring to the asshole part!! hehe).
PS: I didnt mark that one ! 😛


🙂 Thank you for not being an asshole 😛

And on second thoughts, this could have been a better option: “Can’t say. Basically I don’t have any opinion but I still should vote. No wonder everyone calls me an asshole”


Waiting for the bliss! 😀

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