Shitoon 15: Lights on please

Shitoon 15: Lights on please

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I think you have a wonderful concept with the logo here. Very unique. g and the peacock merge very well.

One thing that struck me was that Peacocks roam around in IITK campus, how about doing something with deer instead of peacock for the logo?
Either way, deer or peacock, you cannot go wrong. The peacock logo is truly awesome

Narmad – 2004


Black, yellow, orange, dark brown or pink. Shit is shit. And my stomach is just upshit.


Koi shak? 😛


Had the comment anything to do with baseball?


You ended up commenting on the wrong post! 😀 Anyway, will see if I can work on what you suggested. Thanks for dropping by.


Or may be the girl knows the guy aint good looking already… 🙂


Sex is good for health they say. 😀


Sure. Lite on please.


The last line doesn’t matter. Size does. 😀


I had only so much time to spare, given the hectic schedule the next day, and the pending presentation. 🙂

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