How do you like it so far?

She: I saw you in my dream.

Him: Was I dying?

She: Yes.

The sun was too bright for him to even open his eyes. He was tired, thirsty, weak and could hardly walk anymore. There was no one around. Even if someone was, he could no way figure that out. His eyes just wouldn’t open. The air was burning. His skin had turned red. The bones could be seen pressing hard against the swelled epidermis. There were wounds all over his body. There wasn’t a part that didn’t ache. He had even stopped feeling the pain. He was too numb to realize what exactly his body was going through. He wasn’t dead yet. But he was, almost there.

She: How far have you reached?


She: Ah, almost done. How do you like it so far?

All lights were off. A candle with a pale flame was throwing hues of yellow on her face. Her eyes were swollen, red and wet. She was moaning so loud, a deaf old man sleeping twenty miles away could hear her. The tears didn’t stop. The moans kept growing louder before they faded. Forever.

She: Good morning

Him: I know you didn’t sleep all night

She: Over?

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LOL. A typical exams-are-round the corner post! 😀 My project ended today.,…im feeling as tho exams r over!!! wish i cud get sloshed 😛 😉


Isn’t it? 🙂


This was abstract textual art.


You do? 🙂


I don’t know about you but I am getting sloshed on Tuesday for sure. That’s when I have my last end-sem.


🙂 Thanks

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