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Shitoon 6: A gift for the girl-friend

Shitoon 6: A gift for the girl-friend

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Definitely better than most of the cartoon strips in the newspaper
but pls pls pls, for once, elevate the humour above the belt…
hopin to see a children’s shitoon soon…




Alright. Tomo’s Shitoon will be U/A 🙂 Cheers! But I really don’t want to enter that U/A category because everyone can do that. The kind of stuff you might find here, is something that you really cannot get to see or read anywhere else. But just to make a point, that I can create veg-humor as well, I will do its. 🙂



@Vatsap: Pls dont do anything to prove a point… heck i know u got a grt sense of humour…

and about the U/A humour… according to me, thats more difficult… that’s y we find most of the cartoon strips so bland…. anybody can and does crack reasonably funny non-veg jokes… Takes a studd to make ppl laugh on clean stuff…. 🙂


Thanks for driving the point more effectiely.


see wat ashtung says.


If your comment is not meant for me, make use of “@”


And if you need company to go to hospi for medicines in that case, buzz me. 🙂


I agree. It needs a studd to make people laugh on clean things. There’s just one problem. You can find clean things everywhere. So why come to Vatsap to read/see the same? The only reason I shall still be making clean things would be to prove that I am a stud. I know, I am not.

The moment I named this series Shitoon, my intentions were clear. I wanted to offer truckload of shitty humor. 😀 It might not take a studd to come up with them, and anyone can create them. I am just another anyone, who has nothing else but shit to offer. If anyone still likes, it, I am happy.

@Gen guy

You don’t like shitoon. We all know it now. Why hate those who like it? Curse the shitoon, not they who still find it witty-shitty.

If you check the “Website” box that is optional while writing comments for the previous comments, you will know what I was talking about. It was about the cloud thing I asked you.

And the comment was meant for you only, other wise I would have written that funny”@” and the name of the person.

Did you go out today??


Lodaphone….hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa..amazingest!!!(serves them right for removing the cute hutch pug! 😛 ) I love the tagline of shitoon, “coz shit happens” so very true. I think the non-veg humour is what makes this strip so much more worth reading :P. yoyo!

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