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Shitoon 5: The purpose of life

Shitoon 5: The purpose of life

27 replies on “Shitoon 5: The purpose of life”

You shud really consider a change in the title…
cos shit aint happening.. its all about the fucking..


Baba ki beti ho ya Ali Baba ki bhaanji. If she is haaat, then waah kyaa baat! 😛


That was Scent of a Woman. This was Shit of a man. 😀 Thanks.


Finally you LOLed at a Shitoon. Yaaayyy! This post was not about fucking. It was only about the purpose in life. Look within. 🙂


Thanks. And do remember Baba’s quote forever vatsa! 😀

O Mr Vatsa. Your Shitoons are my lifeline. I could not imagine my life without them. And you are climbing the popularity chart just the way my fav actor did with his release “Papa the Great”. This one was fuckin good.

I miss you.

@Full of life

So you liked it too! 😀 Shitoon is not that bad I guess.

@Fuck of Life

paanch sunaar ki, ek luhaar ki: F U C K 😀


I was fed up of crying. So I thought of doing something better. And hell, I am doing good. 😀

@Kay gee

Love your comment! You deserve a treat. 😀

@kay gee
Use your brain Mr. gay kee! You just make those comic strips & cartoons uncensored for once n then see how they become best for your taste !!

wow! shitoon becomes popular !
may god bless it that it soon becomes really pop then u can publish in newspaper n earn so u wont have to think abt placements 😛

hey vatsap, a small clarification here. the above gen guy is not the original gen guy.
And @’G’en guy. the actual gen guy never uses a capital G when things can be done with a small ‘g’. So stop copying even gen nics and get origina(read as: get a life) .


What if I think about something else all d time and not placements?

@gen guy

Dude, I know that was not you. And that is because you always use the same mail id, which I get to see in my inbox. Now since that mail id cannot be seen by anyone else, no one can really fool me by posing as you. So chill.

Thankfully, that other guy is also consistent with his mail id, so I always know when it’s him and when it’s you. 🙂

Nice atmosphere.. lotsa males n females .. n its all fucking goin here !

@gen guy
gen guy is a synonym of anonymous, u don’t fuckin try to copyright it..

have a nice fuck ( in ur capital G or small g..wateva.. )

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