What does it look like?

smileyWhat does the above symbol look like to you? A sad smiley, do you say? But it can mean a lot of other things, can’t it? Like say, a colon followed by an opening bracket? Or better still, two wires coming out of the plane of the paper, oops, screen, just a little left to a concave lens. Of course, you could see the same lens as a convex lens as well, if you are one of those out of the box thinkers, who can see rays of light coming from the left instead of the right (what most people would otherwise do)! And can’t the symbol above also depict a guy carrying a bowl over his head, and they guy is in dark, and only his eyes and the silvery bowl are visible? Why are the eyes visible, do you ask, if it’s dark? Well, he could have had an eye transplant surgery some time back, when he lost his eyes, and insisted on acquiring a new pair that had been donated by his dying cat!

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that and any other standard reference would show that the convention is to draw rays of light emerging from minus infinity ie left to right.
Hence, your “(” behaves as a Converging lens on most occasions.

which part of the world did you learn Optics from?

The rest of it is – as the bubble next to your caricature face claims – Phres Blogshit.


On a paper, when you draw a lens on the left side, it is assumed that light rays will come and strike from the right, and vice-versa.


Or two people looking at the moon (only their heads visible)

the Converging/Diverging behaviour of the lens is determined by the direction of the light rays falling on it. did you atleast take a look that link?!
Just because you placed the pic on the left side of the page, it doesn’t become what you think it is. And FYI, you call it a ‘lens’. so the light rays will pass thru to the other side. So providing more room for the “incident” rays and lesser room for the “refracted” rays does not determine the behaviour of the lens.

“On a paper, when you draw a lens on the left side, it is assumed that light rays will come and strike from the right, and vice-versa.”
i think its the exact opposite. but it depends on what you are more concerned about – the incident rays or the refracted rays.

There are conventions. The one that i’m talking about is the Cartesian Convention. which one are you following?

PS: Hope you are not using ‘mirror’ and ‘lens’ interchangeably.


Oh yeah, of course I know now that I got confused between a lens and a mirror. 😛


Or the….. err.. well.. let’s just stop it here. 😀


Koi shak? 😛

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