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My running escapades

This has been the route since last couple of days: Narmad>>BT Building>>Hospi>>Main Gate>>Super Market>>GC>>Narmad (main road). I guess it’s slightly more than seven kilometers.

There are two specific instances I would like to describe.

A boy who should have been about twelve years old, suddenly decided to chase me as he saw me running. I had already run about two kilometers, and wanted to maintain a consistent speed. I liked to see him leave me behind and win. It made him feel proud of himself I guess. He would run for some time, realize he had left me far behind and then start walking. I kept running at the same pace. He did that for a couple of times but soon realized that I was going to keep running without ever slowing down. Poor kid. He soon gave up! Last, I could hear his foot steps as he tried his best to run faster than me. But by then he was too tired to reach me. I soon left him far behind. I am sure he didn’t feel bad about it. I hope he learned the difference between winning in short term and winning in long term. 🙂 I felt good about making someone run, just by looking at me.

The second incident (if I may call it so) happened a day before or a day after the boy episode (it could be the same day, I am not very sure). I had just reached the main gate. As I was walking back towards GC, I saw a yellow wheel chair being driven by an old lady in red sari. She was quite ahead of me for some time, till of course I left her behind. I don’t know what exactly I felt, but I guess seeing her made me realize how lucky I was to have legs. I got senti for few seconds. I realized I certainly had more reasons to smile and be happy about my life than that old lady in red sari who probably would never be able to even walk, leave alone run, on her legs.

Whoever said, running is boring, should change his/her mind. You get to learn about life, and teach others about it, as you run. I love it.

It’s another matter that yesterday I ran rather too fast and ended up hurting my right ankle. I’ve been limping ever since, though the pain is coming down slowly. Wish me good health and happy running. Marathon is close. Very close.

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