On quizzes and faculty

The quiz that I had today went good. I had stayed away all night for it, and gave more than 30% of my time to mugging. Thanks to Anshuman, I got a chance to look at last year’s quiz paper.

I hate profs who are so lazy or so dumb that they can’t even change a single word from questions. I hate it more when I know a prof is going to repeat questions, that too exactly, word by word, and I still don’t bother to find out a previous year question paper; or worse if I get hold of a previous question paper but still don’t bother to look at it. Most of the times, I find it a stupid and a sad thing to do. Nevertheless I did go through all the question’s from the paper that Anshuman showed me and it, as expected helped.

Today’s paper had seven questions. Three of them were ditto from last year’s paper! And when I say ditto, I mean it. I am sure that had someone managed to find few more question papers from previous years, all questions would have matched.

But then, before you (in case you are not from IIT), end up concluding that Profs here are lame, I should tell you that there are few good men too. Thanks to them that students like us, still have respect for the faculty.

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The argument professors used when confronted with this issue:

why should we bother with setting new question papers when the students never bother to take any xtra effort for the subject. its a 2 way street.

i didnt have any answer to the guy.


Arguing is easy. There is not end to it. But if I were to become a Prof, ever, I would never be so dumb to copy paste questions.

And if I really planned to do that, I would take back the question paper for sure. I wouldn’t like my students to keep running to get hold of a prev year question paper. It’s stupid.

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