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End of Fag Break

‘Uru King lights’, my face was expressionless as I asked the lady at the Tarams fag shop to give me a cigarette. Today was a bad day. I didn’t get up early. I didn’t go to any of my classes (only two to speak of). I didn’t mug (it was necessary because I have a quiz tomorrow). I didn’t have my breakfast or lunch.

Half a fag. It was enough to break open the self imposed chain I had entangled myself with. The end of fag break happened two days before the planned day. I could have waited for two more days but failed to see the point.

When I play, there’s no game over. That’s for sure.

Something that hasn’t been missed since a hell lot of days is running. I shall run today too. So what if my stomach’s hurting with lack of food. So what if my mind is lost. So what if I need to mug for tomorrow.

When you are fucked up, keep running. When you are doing great, keep running. Run, not to win. Run, to keep yourself moving.

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