Saarang 2008 unofficial logo

Saarang 2008 unofficial logo


The official logo has been launched here.


PS: I am extremely sorry if this post offends any of the cores or coordinators of Saarang 2008. But way too many students have already made ‘me’ have a look at the official logo. Does this post motivate anyone?

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Now that’s a logo!
Thanks! I was beginning to lose hope on anyone even making an attempt to save Saarang ’08. 🙂

More primary colours would really give this one a bit of a push. The pale colours really don’t catch the eye and kinda ruins a neat butterfly idea, also using black with other colours in a single word doesn’t help the case. Also the font is a bit too vanilla.

But the concept is beautiful as usual. Personally I liked the first logo you sent in. Probably because of the primary colours. See if you can fiddle around with this one to tweak it.

Cheers to the enthu though!

@TF, Leela



What first logo? 😛

Nice comments on logo by the way. But I guess this post was just a motivation post. Any design coord who wants to use it and tweak it and play with in the better interest of Saarang is welcome to buzz me.

ROTFL over enthu. I spent 15 minutes on this one between 4:00 pm to 4:15 pm. Was bored of mugging for the quiz which was to begin at 5:00 pm. So better call it time pass than enthu. 😀


Totally agree. Colors used are dull types.

But the catch is: this logo is unofficial. So does it really matter if it’s pale or not? 😛 I just hope that someone is motivated enough to work on the official logo.

neat logo!
the official logo pales in comparison.
that justifies the use of pale colors! 😛
you could enlighten me on the choice of a butterfly as an accompaniment/mascot though.
i fail to see a connection.

PS: make a good logo and ask Saarang boys to pay you cash. easy way to make five grand. 😀

Butterfly logo (unofficial logo) is better than the official logo.

The earlier one reminds me off a RANOGLI competition going around at saarang. 😕

The Butterfly LOGO is good, pleasing,attractive,kaleidoscopic and innovative. It reminds me off beautiful, colorful life which is happy and carefree.

macha…. the first logo really sucks
What is this design da….its looks like a maze of RANOGOLI design…..and i guess this design is definitely googled with words RANGOLI + DESINGS 😛
Infact you can find some more better designs with the search.

he design should be simple and sweet.
The Butterfly logo is hazaar better…..
The Colors look fine…..for me…though some say that they look pale.

Cheers to enthu guys

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