The part of the documentary that was supposed to be shot in IIT Madras was shot about ten minutes back. The IITM alumnus who brought the two guys making this doc here, works for Accenture, CA office. These guys who are making it are two in number, a man from UK and a woman from France.

There were about ten of us. We had nice fun. We sat in front of Himalaya (the common insti mess), in the beautiful lawn. It was a lovely weather. We debated. We talked about global warming. We discussed issues we wouldn’t have otherwise. Enough was shot when it started drizzling.

Whenever this doc comes up, I will put up here (whether the final edited version has me or not 😛 ). I hope these guys who are now headed to China to shoot more students, do a good job of it.

It’s drizzling and I wanna go running. I skipped today’s morning session because I had to study. Yeah, I do study occasionally. 😀 I am not a bad boy, you see. Eh, alright. I have a quiz to write tomorrow. So it’s kinda necessity. Whatever. Right now, it’s just running time.

Here I go…

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Hm…so Amrita Vatsa is now a movie star! But y do they shoot IIT M campus for global warming ? WE hv so much of greenery and least pollution ???
C, u r being read from all over the world 🙂


Movie Star! LOL!

They are generally trying to take views of students worldwide (schools, colleges etc.)

Vatsap is going international! 😛

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