Before crashing, I decided I wanted to do this, made the video and then crashed.

I got up an hour before, did what I wanted (in about 45 minutes) and now here I am writing this post, still sweating.

It was fun.

I had a look outside as I got up at five. It was drizzling. I wasn’t sure if I should even go out and run. But suddenly it occurred to me that it would be more fun to run in the rain. And believe me, it was. Fantastic.

Narmad to Main gate is as usual. Main gate to Madhya Kailash, doesn’t offer proper footpath. Whatever little exists is too narrow and encroached upon at most places. So you kinda have to run on the main road itself. The good thing however is that this stretch is small and it doesn’t take more than five minutes to reach Madhya Kailash from the main gate if you running at a decent speed. The road side markets in the before sunrise sky have a different feel about them. The yellow neon lights weave a magic.

The straight stretch from Madhya Kailash till the Taramani turn has a footpath perfect for running. It is extremely wide, and is at a lower level to the main highway. So you can run extremely safely and peacefully. The experience is also aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the roadside ambience which includes a small artificial garden.

The road from the Taramani turn all the way till tarams sucks. Especially if it’s raining, you end up wetting your shoes however way you run. Nevertheless, since you know this is the last stretch outside IIT that you have to cover, it doesn’t really matter much. The running speed is of course slowest in this section, given that you already ran little faster in the earlier stretch.

Once you enter IIT, from the Taramani gate, it’s all about reaching your hostel back. Requires zero effort.

Let me repeat. It was real fun. I was totally wet when I reached my room. From top to bottom. Yeah, another good thing about running in rain is that you don’t stink ever. Sweat never stays. Nice thing.

I would have loved to try this out tomorrow also, but I need to be at Taramani bus stop by 5:30 to receive someone and that means that I will have to begin running at least by 4:45. I am not sure if I want to do that. More so it doesn’t sound like a nice idea to receive someone when you are sweating and panting. Does it?

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