The post-spirit post

It’s fun to write after gulping down a few shots. I know, I had only beer, nothing to be so proud of. But I sure feel better. Hick!

Ok. I am not sure if I feel better. I don’t even know what to write or why should I write. The only thing I am sure of now is that the label of this pots like numerous other posts of mine is going to be senseless.

Battiyan bujha do ki neend nahi aati hai
Battiyan bujhane se bhi neend nahi aayegi
Battiyaan bujhaane vaali jaane kab aayegi…

What did the beer bottle say to the fag?

Fuck you.

What did the fag reply?

Do that fast, coz I will soon be over. And make sure you fuck me from the filter side because I really don’t wanna leave a single parent baby behind.

What happened next?

The beer bottle fucked the fag. The fag was over. The bottle got shattered. It split into pieces. Tiny tiny pieces.

Senseless! Did I tell that already? Hick!

4 replies on “The post-spirit post”

What I think is that the beer bottle’s fantasy was to give a blowjob to the fag but it couldnt so it shattered like its heart. It makes sense. Isnt it?

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