SRK abs

Amrit: SRK, this is fuck! You know it right?
SRK: 🙂
Amrit: Fuck man, is that really you!
SRK: I guess so
Amrit: Om Shanti Om, that’s ….
SRK: Fuck?
Amrit: Yeah exactly. Pure fuck. I have been working out too lately, do you think.. um..
SRK: Sure man, why not. Just keep continuing!
Amrit: Heh. Thanks. But tell me, did you like get inspired by Hrithik in Dhoom 2. At least in this picture, you appear to be trying hard to look like him.
SRK: Eh, well kinda! 🙂 Chalta hai naa yaar! Who doesn’t want to have a body like Hrithik? Now I have a similar physique.
Amrit: You are God!
SRK: So are you 😉
Amrit: He he. Chal cyao.
SRK: Cyao man, gnite.

14 replies on “Fuck!”

and gen guy sees all but doesn’t give a fk.
hey amrit., long time, no see. i mean, i ob see…bleh.never mind the loop.

@gen guy
poor guy… caught in the loop by the loop. 🙂

and letmerg sees nothing but is going to RG n goin to give a fk.. 😀


Fucking flow of comments here. And yeah the kind of movies RG Verma has been churning out these days, he does deserve a fk. Do go to RG and give a fk. 😀

poor poor RGV, got caught in the loop without even meaning to be…
use the vastap? insight Mr. Vastap… everything has a meaning and the name does the trick here… although u need not give a fk about what’s all this nonsense means and go write another fking blog… 😀

Yes saw the truth and have patiently waited. But madness must be controlled… am taking an avathar to let the folks know the truth. You both are psued 😛

@post: i had this on one of my posts
“Tom Cruise, an -ist of another of those -isms has spent 5 million dollars for a bunker to prevent his family from aliens. On the other hand, Shah Rukh Khan has worked out six pack abs for his son. Coming to think of it, fathers can be so misunderstanding when you ask for ‘something really cool’ instead of being specific.”

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