Total mess

Himalaya, the common mess in IIT Madras suddenly cannot be trespassed without a mess card. I will tell you why this new rule sucks.


Messes here are run by private caterers but there’s this regulatory government body called the CCW. To have competition, there are three different caterers serving the students in three different floors on the gigantic Himalaya mess. Students are free to choose the caterers, and they exercise this option every month. They are issued a mess card which the caterers verify to make sure only those students who registered for their mess enter their premise. Also, everyone here in IIT has an identity card (I-card) which carries the basic informations of all students.

The story

Now if you have been eating in the same mess for say the past two months, and you also go to mess regularly, chances are that the caterer knows you by face in all probability. If unregistered students start dining in a mess, the caterer is bound to suffer loses. Very understandable. So the caterer has the right to stop you from entering the mess hall if fails to recognize you and you also don’t have your mess card to prove your case. Very logical.


Now here comes the real stupidity which is neither understandable nor logical. The caterer already knows you. You have shown him the card a couple of times and he has no doubt you belong to his mess. But the bunch of fat asses who sit in the CCW office suddenly force the caterers to NOT allow any student in if he doesn’t bring the mess card. Even if you carry your i-card, it’s not accepted although it has your name and picture and signature and the caterers have the list of all registered students (so they can confirm if a student belongs to their mess or not). So the caterer who even knows you and your room number, cannot allow you in. This is fucking insane. It is torture. The fucking mess card is double the size of an ATM card! I don’t care about it. The caterer doesn’t care about it. Why is CCW’s ass on fire?

Further stupidity

Ok, now listen to this:

Me: I don’t have a mess card. I still want to go in and sit inside and eat and you know I belong to this mess, don’t you?

Caterer: Yes, I do. But CCW is no more allowing us to let anyone enter without the mess card. They say they will fine such students.

Now what can be funnier than this? If they don’t allow me to enter, how will they fine me? And if they are anyway planning to fine me, then why the fuck have they asked the caterers to stop guys without mess cards?

There’s another stupidity to it all. Say if I go in without a mess card. I start eating when suddenly some CCW fat ass comes to me and tries to impose a fine to teach me a lesson. But think of this, he will obviously need my name and room number to be able to fine me. Now, the moment he finds out a way to find my name and room number, the whole point of fining me is lost because my identity has been proved! What am I being fined for then, if he still insists to impose a fine? And in case he fails to find out my name and room number, how will he fine me anyway?

Fuck their fat asses. Seriously.

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