Spirituality to spirit

Dad had called up yesterday. He reminded me that today was Ashtami ( a day before Durga Puja ends). He also told me that if I asked Durga ma for anything, she would grant me my wish today. I am sure he would have assumed that I would ask for a good job or good health or something on those lines. But the moment he mentioned this wish-getting-fulfilled-idea, I knew what I wanted to ask.

After a real long time, I asked God to give me something. Every other time, I don’t usually directly ask for anything for myself. It makes me feel selfish. How can I ask for myself? I have asked things for others many times and almost every time it has worked.

But today I felt like being selfish. I felt like asking for myself. Will she listen to me?

Though IIT has many good things, a sad thing is that taps can run dry any time. And more often than not, this happens when you really don’t want it to happen. I wanted to take a bath before going to temple but…. 🙂 (I am sure Ma Durga understands!)

It’s hard to notice the spirit of Dushehra in Chennai. Thankfully there’s a Durga temple in campus where at least some activity is alive. Otherwise, you never really know when the pooja began and when it ended.

The spirit of Dushehra might be missing. But there’s always the real spirit. I am talking about beer! Remember it’s Friday? I love having beer on Fridays and today is going to be no exception.

Someone’s absence from insti is making me feel slightly sad. Beer shall sure help. By the way, I still haven’t resumed fagging. I won’t say it’s a good thing or bad but all I know is I have a control over some things in my life and that’s what really matters. Eh, enough said. More on a post-spirit post may be. 😛

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