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The best thing about IIT is that you don’t have time to give up. I am heart broken and if I had time enough, I would have cried all day or roamed on the streets holding a bottle of wine with the true Devdas spirit. But here I am, caught up with one thing or another, hardly left with time to feel sad. What is loneliness, but a state of mind? And when you don’t allow your mind to take rest ever, when the fuck will it get the time to realize that it’s so fucking lonely? Incomplete? Ok, there’s no point in overflowing. I rather have better things to talk about.

Placement season in IIT is getting hot. Mckinsey came some time back (and made me write the weird free pizza post) and declared that it would soon be asking for resumes. Today is the last day to apply for Shell. Things will get much more heated up next month. In December, the real fun shall begin.

I have my own share of dilemmas. I am an infrastructural guy. The only academic thing that I ever talk about is over the Indian Infrastructure. Heck, I also run a blog on Indian Infrastructure. And yet, when I was asked by my Department sometime today if I would go only for a job in the field of infrastructure, I could not promise them! What’s wrong with me?

I did put up a rationale saying I would start applying for all the jobs that I wont mind doing (that includes any kind of consultancy, marketing jobs etc.), based on the pay packages (day 1 of placement has companies that pay max; the avg package coming down daily) that the company offer. But I did tell my department that if say, by day 5, I am still jobless and I have option to choose between an infrastructure company and any other company, given that they are paying more or less the same, I would of course prefer the former. Makes sense, right? Whatever.

There is this exam called CAT. I will go write it because I have the right to. That’s all there is to it.

There is this project called the Dual Degree project. Is it time to start working on it?

There is this sport called weight lifting. Ah, the muscles are aching all the time.

There is this event called dramatics. What is in store this time?

There is this blog called the Indian Infrastructure blog? When is the next post coming?

Oh fuck, forget about everything. Today is the last day to apply for Shell. A ten lacks job. Who doesn’t want it?

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shell didnt take civil engg students anytime…so chill dude…they make u write all those stupid eassys and thats the end of it…..


Nice song. I am sure I am not alone! 🙂


How are things at Texas? By the way, this time, in Civil, Shell asked only for duals. So they could take few of us this time. You never know. 🙂

Agreed… IIT is so fast that you don even have a moment to think abt whr you are or how u feel 🙂 i love it

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