I overestimated

It was a gross over estimation. I am not feeling great at the sudden realization. I need to work harder. I don’t have much time. This is the test of ultimate strength.

Running five kilometers is not enough. Running any more is not needed. Problem is not with thighs or the stamina. Problem is with the hands: the biceps, the triceps, the shoulder and the forearm. I had underestimated overestimated my hands’ strength. I thought they were extremely powerful. I had been focusing only on my thighs and abdomen. I was wrong!

After a week of working out, I can lift only 50 Kgs. Fuck. Why didn’t I try lifting weights earlier?

Ten days to go. Will I pull off 70?

I have to. I got to. Pure fuck. Pure fun.

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i am reminded of this
“I already knew how to take care of my potency and stamina: I ate food with little oil, I exercised everyday and I had a rigorous aerobic workout. So all I needed was size and in this age of research and development I could expand scientifically.”

those are golden words my son.
its not just for lauda. there is more to it.
use your brain. expand scientifically. 😛

“I had underestimated my hands’ strength. I thought they were extremely powerful.”
kya hai ye…..kehna kya chahta hai….publish karne se pehle ek baar proofread to kar liya kar

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