Something’s still wrong

Fighting is an art. Winning is fun.

I am on a nice fag break till 27th of October. Yeah I know it’s funny to declare a date like this. I haven’t smoked for six days now and believe me there was no fucking withdrawal symptom. So all those intelligent folks out there who have never tried smoking because they think it’s addictive, go get a life.

Life is about patience. Keep running.

5:30 Am: Narmad>>GC>>Main gate>> back to GC.

It’s fun. Lemme continue.

Also, I already know what role I am doing for inter hostel dramatics. It’s going to be fun too.

Something’s still wrong.

Ha, ha.

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Ok. Here is the deal.
You give me a call, every day morning, starting day after tomorrow ( I got a quiz tomorrow!) at 510 am, and I will see you at Narmad entrance at 530 am.

I will repay all the calls, with a massive treat at any place you name in Bangalore, soon.

Puhleeeez! I want to be fit too. Once again in my life, I want to be fit too.

You aren’t addicted to fag…(which wud have made it simpler for u to make things right)….
But surely addicted to something else… Let it go.. get a LIFE…!!!


Will of course keep you posted! 🙂


The secret shall be revealed soon! Have patience! 🙂 And nothing can kill me. I am already dead. 😛


Lucky me! 😛


What you are asking me to let go is LIFE to me! I shall wait till eternity! 🙂

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