Something’s wrong

Something’s wrong. About everything. About me. About you.

One moment, I am up on my toes. Another moment I am dead. I can see blood everywhere. The red liquid. Looks like lava.

I am smiling. I look happy. Another moment, I am drowning. I just keep moving down, deeper. It changes from blue to black to nothing. Every part of the body swells up. Slowly. Painfully. Numbness is all i feel.

I am jumping. Energy. Vigour. Power. I feel all of them. Another moment, I can’t move. I am crawling. I cannot pull myself. I am growing weak. Weaker by the moment. Under the hot sun. In the desert. It’s too bright out there. I can’t see anything. Everything’s white. And then it fades. And I sleep.

I wake up. I run. I live. There’s something awfully wrong about everything that I do. About everything that happened; happens; is happening. I am not crying. These are not my tears. My heart can’t be missing. It should be somewhere here, lying somewhere. I think I am just kinda too lazy to go look for it; find it. Another moment, I am looking for it everywhere. I can’t find it. Suffocation. Air growing thin. Temperature dropping. It’s too cool suddenly. It’s freezing. The blood. The red blood. It’s frozen now. I am brittle. Bring the hammer. Break me down.

You hit me. With a hammer. Hell, I didn’t break!

Ha, ha.

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There is nothing called no expectation. It sounds great in theory though. I am a fighter. And winning matters to me. I EXPECT to win. When I don’t, I go back and train harder. This is how I enjoy life! πŸ™‚

I don’t want to be the happiest person on the beautiful earth. I wanna be the fighter who keeps losing and keeps trying. That’s life to me. πŸ™‚


Wish I had time to drink and drink. After the Shaastra fiasco, had beer just once on Friday. Hick!



Yeah, Something is Wrong..
Not with me, not with you but with something in between. The calousness of its aura is blinding me. I wont be blinded. I will buy new shades. But still something is wrong. I was the one who trying hammering you. But something was wrong. the hammer didnt work. Something is still wrong. I hate chinese cuisine. I love masala noodles. Something is wrong. Next time I will try noodles from Jerry’s Wong. It wont be wrong there. Is there still something wrong?

(This is the my biggest commnet that I have ever posted. Wrong.)

Hey dude..

Booze is not allowed in my office. I was all sober and sane when I wrote that. What I did was let my finger play with the keyboard and my mind didnt interfare.. So my fingers played the best piece they could.

Something was wrong..but i didnt drink. drinking is wrong

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