Wannabe (ig)Nobel Laureate

The fate shall be decided on 6th of October between 9-11 AM (assuming the event begins and ends on time).

The concept of Ig Nobel Prizes began in 1991, as parody of Nobel Prizes. The whole objective was to promote funny researches which make people laugh first. Shaastra, the annual technical festival of IIT Madras has been conducting a similar event since quite some years.

This year, my two member team is a finalist. So the two of us shall be presenting our accepted journal on the above mentioned date and time. The venue is ICSR, IIT Madras. Be there to have a blast.

Here’s the abstract of our paper to give you an idea, and probably make you interested enough in attending it.


This paper studies the macroscopic impact of the KOK revolution ( KOK pronounced as Cock and not as Coke; a term coined by the authors for the excessive use of K over OK, and similar such Eng lang abuse that happens mostly in digital communication) in the context of urban Indian cities. Several benefits are identified and the claims substantiated by showing a high degree of correlation between the KOK penetration extent estimator of a city, and its growth rate in the last one year.

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