design shaastra

I think. Do you?

I think front

I think back

Shaastra2007 Main T shirt 1

Copywriter: Vatsap

Graphic-work: Vatsap

Additional inputs: Caesar, Neeharika

7 replies on “I think. Do you?”

macha.,y is there a pic of north america on the globe??..cant u put Indian subcontinent?? will give the proper feel., u kno


Me, the thinking man! 😛

@Gen guy

Was wishing no one notices that! LOL, you did! I know I could have rotated the globe to show India, but was kinda lazy to do that modification. All apologies to those who really care.


Thanks! 🙂

That actually is CO2 and not O2.

Ok heres the funda. The ‘I think, do you?’ on the back is with relation to the front side where you see a car emitting gases. So, it’s like asking everyone a question: Do you see CO2 being emitted from so many vehicles damaging earth, the way I see it?

Got it?

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