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Lol! Look at these guys. They have only 84 offices inร‚ย  32 countries, which gives an average of something less than three in each country. Less than three offices for one entire country, and they still want you to believe that “everywhere you wish to go, SBI is there with you”.ร‚ย  LOL only!

PS: saw the ad in today’s edition of The Economic Times

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State Bank of India (SBI) (LSE: SBID) is the largest bank in India. If one measures by the number of branch offices and employees, SBI is the largest bank in the world. – courtesy Wiki
*The largest number of ATMs 7124 and largest card base (28.27 million Cards).
*5686 of SBI branches and 10638 of SBI Group Branches under CBS.
*90% of business of SBI Group is now on Core Banking.
for more info chk out their latest press release up on their site.

Most Europeon countries are tiny… the emphasis is on the 32…


SBI rocks in India though!


SBI rocks! It does. And may be when compared to any other Indian Bank, it has many branches all over the world. But still, I find a number of 2.6 branches/country sli less only to be boasted about! ๐Ÿ™‚

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