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My Victory Horse

victory horse

The image you see in the pic above wasn’t lifted from net. I made it on Photoshop. Why? Because there lies this extremely beautiful looking ceramic-glassy green Horse right here in front of me. The last gift from her was a pencil. The latest (and the only one after that) is this Victory Horse. It’s so small that I let it stay over my laptop whenever I am working on it.

I don’t feel like removing this Victory symbol away from my sight. Why? Who knows, this green horse might actually make me win few things! At least something in the short run that I desperately want to win?

(Vatsap, floating in air now) Some day, when I achieve something really big in life (big to me) and feel like writing a book, this is going to be the cover page.

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!! 😛



@gen guy

Look who is talking about bravery? 😛 You show me what bravery is by coming out of the gen guys skin, and if I really get inspired I will surely reciprocate. 🙂


When you turn up for Black Coffee, I shall make sure you also get to see my victory horse. 🙂

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