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The only plays I had seen so far were the ones put up by the insti hostels every year during the inter-hostel competitions (better known as Lit-Soc competitions in IIT Madras). Yesterday, it was the first time that I went out and paid to watch a play. Alright, technically I didn’t have to pay, all thanks to a newly made friend who called me up for company! 🙂

Run for your wife has been performed a million times in England (of course by a totally different group). Even in Chennai, it came some time around in June, earlier this year.

There were two good actors in the play: the director Amit Singh himself who played the lead role, and Naveen who played a flat mate cum helping friend. They weren’t brilliant but they were good. Others were ordinary while Venky as a Detective totally sucked.

The script of the play is a very regular one, full of the same old jokes on gays, sex and two-timing. The story is all about a taxy driver who is married to two ladies, and has two houses, and hence lives two lives. Things were running smooth till a stupid minor accident brought trouble. Reminds me of this David Dhawan movie called Sajan Chale Sasural which had very much the same funda.

The play did work for me, mostly because at the end of the day, Amit Singh and his team did succeed in making me and the rest of the audience go mad with laughter, especially in the second half. The first half was more about witty one liners which helped building up the plot. It was funny but wasn’t brilliant. The second half was more loud, had more action, drama, and the jokes-on-gays-sex-lesbians-transvestites-always-work approach. And guess what, it did work. If the play comes again, you are recommended to go watch this 90 minutes theatrical performance, for the shear reason to remind you that you can always laugh on old jokes, as long as they are delivered properly.

Update: A snap-shot from the play

Run for your wife

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Hello. First of all, let me say that I’m glad you enjoyed the play. We hope you continue to support ASAP and watch our future shows. I played Barbara, in case you’re wondering. All I can say is, I hope you enjoyed watching us perform as much as we enjoyed performing. We’d appreciate it if you could continue supporting us, and tell all your friends in the bargain.


You guys put up a great show yaar! You acted good (and dressed good too 😛 ). You bet I enjoyed like hell! 🙂 All the best to you and ASAP.

And in case you are looking for actors, I am interested 😛

Hey. I’m glad you enjoyed the play and believe that its worth another watch. I played the neighbour. I cant help but wonder how you can say you enjoyed the show after complaining so much, but what the hey, if you enjoyed it, good for us, then. Please spread the word, and come for future productions. Help us become bigger and better.


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