Superbad is good

What kinda movie is it, made for who?

It is one of those movies that are made for the young audiences who can relate to the despo 12th standard kids/almost-grown-ups. The last movie of this kind that I liked was Accepted which was kickass in every sense.

How good is it?

It’s decent. The only thing not so great about it is that it is kinda slow. Not very slow, but at times you tend to get slightly bored. A possible explanation for this could be that, you know, when watching a movie of this genre, you kinda expect funny things to keep happening too fast and too often (blame American Pie).

The best thing about this movie is that, it has managed to avoid overacting and overloaded drama to a really good extent. It is a comedy, but does touch upon some senti chords at times. An IMDB rating of 8.5 kind of raised my hopes too much, but it’s definitely a good watch.

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