Bourne Ultimatum is Ultimate

Fuckmax. Kickass. Studd.

The last action movie that I saw before this was Die Hard 4.0. Bourne Ultimatum is 10 times better than DH4.

For those who have already watched Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy

What are you waiting for? Go watch it now.

For those who haven’t seen the first two in series

Matt Damon is a good actor, I agree. But the Bourne series to him is what the Bond movies were to Sean Connery. He has rocked in all three of them.

One of the finest action movies I have ever seen! There are various kinds of action movies. There are those XXX and Die Hard and Transporter types which are just another extension of Bond-inspired-flicks (the latest Bond movie is a total exception). Then there are movies like Matrix which blow over your head by making your imaginations run wild. There are many more categories like Action+Comedy combined, or one of those video game level movies like those from the District series.

But, the category that I like most is the one where thrill is the basic element. They are the kind of movies, which aren’t just a bunch of action sequences, beautifully weaved into a full length feature film. They have more to them. I am talking about movies like Paycheck or Italian Job which are so thrilling that you don’t get time to blink your eyes. The Bourne series belongs to this category, and this third and final part is as good as the earlier ones, if not better. It is totally studd. The movie is extremely fast (never ever slows down!), keeps you high on adrenaline all the time (right from the opening scene), doesn’t generally show totally out of the world stunts (which are nice to watch but make things difficult to digest) but doesn’t lack nice action sequences either. A movie like this, when finally gets over, makes you wish it had went on for some more time.

Let me just repeat.

Fuckmax. Kickass. Studd.

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I preferred the previous two Bournes than the Ultimatum!

Good movie, but definitely could have been better as far as the story line was concerned. Anyway, cant help it, ’twas the author who wrote the novel and not the director. 🙂

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