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him: It’s insane.
her: Yes, I know.

him: How is it even possible?
her: Calm down. Just accept it. It’s possible. It’s happening.

him: I think I have gone mad.
her: Insane and mad are one and the same.

him: Shut up. Oh no, had you not spoken, I wouldn’t have been reacting the way I have been anyways. It’s too late to ask you to shut up.
her: So you don’t mind if I continue talking to you?

him: It’s just insane.
her: Why are you so boring?

him: I don’t mind being boring, but please someone tell me that I am not mad. I don’t mind being an asshole or a drop of any asshole’s cum shot, but I don’t want to be a mad man who can listen to a mother fucking mosquito speak!

She was good looking and small. And she was a good sucker. Fluttering her wings, she roamed around. She roamed around and flew from one place to another in search of blood. Human blood. She needed blood to survive. It had never been difficult to find giant sources of blood. They were everywhere, the so called human beings. She had seen so many of her friends being brutally murdered, in hot blood. She recalled the million times she herself had escaped death by a fraction of a second. She was smart. She knew how long was long enough to keep sucking. She had survived so far and she was pretty sure of a long and happy life ahead of her.

It was a cold night when she was enjoying a feast. His blood tasted different. She immediately developed a liking for his blood. It was just awesome. She had never tasted anything like that before. It was smoother than honey and classier than wine. She knew she had to keep coming back to this guy. Before leaving, she had a glimpse of his face. He was sound asleep. He looked like a guy who would never kill a beautiful creature like her. At least she thought so. It was getting late. She left the place.

her: You speak bad words. You hurt me. I am a female by the way. At least be technically correct while abusing me. I cannot fuck my mother, or anyone else’s mother for God’s sake.

him: You know what? Let me just assume that I have actually turned mad. Because if I don’t assume that, I’ll go mad anyway.
her: You make sense.

him: I do? Ah, finally something’s making sense here! Alright miss mosquito, why the fuck did you even try waking me up? I could have killed you even before you got the chance to start talking? Or are you some super-mosquito who has come from some other planet to save all the mosquitoes of planet earth from the evil human race?
her: Can’t you talk like a decent guy for a second? You want to know why I woke you up? Alright, listen then. It’s been ten days now that I have been sucking your…

him: Sucking my what?
her: Don’t even think about that you horny soul.

him: Eh, I am sorry, I got carried away. I guess I totally forgot that there are other things worth being sucked in me. (Giggle) So you have been sucking my blood since ten days now. But did I ever stop you from doing that? I still don’t get you. Why did you wake me up?
her: You are not even letting me speak.

him: Alright, carry on. I’m listening.
her: Hmm. Well, usually I treat all humans alike. I need them for my survival. They are my energy sources. I need them. But I found you very different. I mean it wasn’t really you when it started. It began with your blood which by the way is the best thing I have ever had in my life.

him: Thanks for the bloody compliment.
her: Heh. Very funny. Whatever. So yeah, though it began with your blood, gradually I started liking you as well. I have this habit of sucking people and leaving them before they realize the pain. I am pretty good at it. In your case, I tried changing my rules a little bit. Even when I knew, it was time to leave, I kept devouring some more blood. Man, you are good. You never even moved once. This was more than enough. I realized I was totally in love with you. I realized I had to let you know about this. And here I am. Finally talking to you.

him: I am speechless.
her: Can I kiss you?

him: What the…
her: Alright, I understand that you can’t even make out my lips from my vagina. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that. I really am sorry.

him: Hey it’s okay, don’t say sorry now. I guess you got carried away. I mean I still am speechless but I guess I should at least say thank you.
her: Thank you?

him: Well, yeah. I mean it always feels great to know that someone out there loves you. Doesn’t it?
her: Yeah it does.

him: Hmm.
her: Hey tell me one thing. Do you like, like me?

him: Eh. If hundreds of your sisters come around right now, I won’t even be able to figure out which one is you! How can I like you?
her: What if you had been blind?

him: But I am not blind.
her: Yes, I know you are not blind. But what if you were? Would you have liked me then?

him: I don’t know. I have no idea what liking means to blind men.
her: What does it mean to you?

him: I know where this is headed to. I could see that coming. Look, I am a straightforward person. Looks matter to me, alright? I don’t know what I would have done if I could not see, but when I can, I know who are likable and who aren’t. Period.
her: So you don’t like me because you don’t find me beautiful?

him: Beautiful? Look who is talking about beauty to me! A mosquito. Was that supposed to be a joke or something?
her: Is this all about beauty? Don’t you think there are other things that are beautiful? Like feelings? Like love?

him: You are smart. It’s difficult to win with you. But that still doesn’t change anything. I am happy to know that you love me but sorry, I don’t see how I can ever look at you that way.
her: What if I tell you I am actually a girl? A beautiful girl!

him: I would go back to sleep.
her: Alright listen, I am a girl. I mean, alright, I am not right now but I indeed was one, not long back. Don’t ask me how and why it happened but I was turned into this nasty creature. And the way it always happens, I was told about the only way I could turn into a girl again.

him: Fuck, this is getting interesting. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. You not kidding me, are you?
her: Fuck you. What makes you think a mosquito can speak otherwise? Are you like totally dumb?

him: Ah, ok. Fine. I believe you. Fuck man, this is crazier than my wildest dream. Tell me how you can turn back to a girl. But don’t tell me I have to kiss you or something. I mean, I can understand kissing a frog, but a mosquito! Naah, not happening. Nice try.
her: No, you don’t have to kiss me.

him: Cool, what do I have to do then?
her: You just have to snap me off.

him: Snap you off?
her: Don’t jump off. I was told that I would find only one person who could listen to me, and if that person agreed to snap me off, I would turn back to my old self.

him: Are you sure? What if you die?
her: Don’t irritate me. Just do it.

him: Alright baby, here you go.


Tiny droplets of his own blood left red stains on his palm. He looked at the squeezed body.

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Speechless! Dumbfounded!

Neat stuff man. Really neat. I have my own thoughts about the cause and spirit behind this post of yours, and I feel eventually it turned out to be a jolly good ride.


@ Anonymous : %$^k yourself. Creativity is probably the most positive thing that one can find. Maybe the definition of positive is something else for you.

Creativity with splurts of pervertness…..
I dont think ive read something like this before….it reminds me about a post you once put of a conversation with a fag…..

sad ending… 🙁

shit is full of fart… 😀
but here at its fresh too…!

oh u can say ‘fuck’ on this site alright… 😛


Haven’t you heard of positive fart? 😛 It needs loads of energy! 😛


Ah, thought and feelings! I was trying to crash and fuckin mosquitoes didn’t let me. I got annoyed and made a story out of it! 🙂


I write many stories in first person. But don’t confuse me with the character of my story da! 😛 I am NOT so crazy that I will fart with fags and mosquitoes! 😛


I could smell Vatsapism in the way you commented! 😛

hmm….this is wht we call as creativity… very well written, nice conversation and ending too (i liked it coz it wasnt like typical bollywood movie, whr in the end our hero gets the girl !) …

Hey amrit whn r u planning to work on the short film ??? (the one which we discussed in one of ur blore post !)…


You will have fun man! 🙂


Cool. Let me get done with a script soon. Let’s just make a movie. 🙂


Eh. Why do you think I am creative? I am just another blogshitter/badshitter. That’s what I have done all my life. But you inspire me to achieve something greater. I hope I shall make you proud some day! 🙂

Omg..I have really no words to say. Part of me says its awesomely creative and the other… ‘what the hell??’ !! 😀

awesome stuff buddy…. couldnt take my eyes off untill i devoured it to the end….. must congratulate u on this…specially the way u start and the backslap u give at the end…

well…Is there anything under the Sun that you dont do??
This was like…creativity at its best….but you could have turn the mosquito into a girl at the end…or were you afraid that like all Ekta Kapoor serials this story would also go on forever… 😉 ???

Good job…

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