My pheepth year

I was a choot in my first year. I still am a choot, in my fifth year. Somethings never change. A lot of things do.

Fifth year in IIT is the year to lay back, relax, sip a cup of life every morning (without sugar), and blow few drags of life, every evening. In your fifth year, you feel like a cross between a student and a Professor! At one moment you are acting as a teaching assistant (TA), sitting in classes checking class participation, and grading assignments of the students. At another instant you are the same good ol’ student attending the same good ol’ boring lectures. After having spent a little more than four years in the same institute (be it a institute of technology, numerology or sex), you know precisely how each and everything happens, and how so many other things don’t happen.

When you were good at something in your freshie years, rest were jealous of you. When you were good at something in your second year, some started talking about you, others started hearing about you. When you were still good at something in your third year, you were caught hold of and made to do those things by whoever could make you do them. And you did them! In your fourth year, you were of course taken for granted to be good and further teach and inspire many more to become as good as yourself.

Comes fifth year. An ‘o’ is dropped from the good. Yes, if you are still good in your fifth year, still working, and as enthusiastic about what you do as you had always been, you are no more considered good. You are tagged God! You are not supposed to go wrong. Freaky feeling, I tell you. Because you know, you have always been the same. Only the perceptions changed. Four years is a long time my friend (I love to believe I don’t have enemies).

I am happy I accepted to work for Shaastra, the last and final time. I had almost made my mind to quit and live a lone, quite and apparently happy life. But today, if you ask me, I don’t regret my decision. No, not because junta decided to drop that extra ‘o’. I am happy for the simple fact that I got to know and work with an entirely new set of people. But for Shaastra, I would never have got the chance to expand my sphere. Very few of my year-mates still live inside campus. I would have felt very alone and lonely, had I not been a part of Shaastra.

I can sense a small trace of sentiness somewhere inside me as I try hard to conclude this post. The time to bid adieu to insti is arriving. And it is arriving fast. In my fifth year, I finally realize that I have grown up to be a man who is ready to go out and not only face the world, but rule it. I carry with me, my strength. Let me go ahead and put a full stop right away. A strong decision indeed.

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Vatsap is God.Period.
Even am glad you chose to work for Shaastra,
would never have got to know you otherwise..
take care man, Fly High!

this blog is a mirror or every dual soul.. 😀 but, lemme warn u, time to quit doesn’t come that fast! believe me! rock with ur new friends.. i did so and it was bliss in an otherwise lonely place.. 🙂

Vatsap dude, Since the time I have known you, you never had that extra ‘o’. 🙂

Let us make this Shaastra rock.

And pardon me, I hope you cup a course this year or get your MTP extended so that you can work for Shaastra next year also … He he he.

toooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooood
i have given u as many “o” u want, apart from that u are not GOD but you are GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD
keep working for shaastra boos tooo gooood


Will take your advice into consideration.


If I get a cup, I anyways won’t get to do the work! 😛 And by the way, it’s called DDP and not MTP. Show some respect! 😛 Those who do MTPs are the ones who post arbit spam mails on Himalaya on smail.

20 in too and 20 in good 😛 ( I want a million :P). Go ahead.

I don’t like ‘W’ as much as I like ‘o’. 😛


To Shaastra, and to Vatsap, and to IIT: We toast!
I am glad that you decided to work. Once more. 😀
Apart from the fact that Shaastra Design team was the best yet again, also I got to know you. Just a little, but still, I got to know you.

You start your post with stating yourself as a “choot”.. and by the end of the post you convince everyone that you are “god”..
Funny thing is everyone gets convinced.. oh man! u ARE ready to take on the world 😛

cha..disappointing dude.I expected some funda. could have cooked something .U just fell short of being a ‘gyad’. A ‘y’ short to b precise:)

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