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How a poster gets done at Shaastra: 2

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Truly Madly Deeply

After couple of photo sessions with couple of freshies, the final pic was chosen. I left it totally on my graphic artist to pick a pic of his choice, and as his blog declares, he chose the following picture.

Poster boy

It took him a couple of days to do a complete makeover of the METROPLUS to a Shaastra newspaper. And he did a brilliant job of it.

Poster boy Photoshopped

Notice the details in a closer snapshot of the above picture. Every damn text has been replaced properly. This is what you call hard work! I don’t really expect guys to read the text in fine print in this poster but if they do, they will realize that the job has been done to perfection. Kudos to Aniket. Try viewing the actual size of the following clipping and you will understand what I mean.

detail of the poster boy

A poster was made out of it. I gave that final finishing touch and the poster that will be printed and sent to colleges all over India will look mostly like the one shown here:

Truly Madly Deeply v2

We Celebrate

The copywriter who had come up with the idea for the ‘We Celebrate‘ poster sat with the artist and got the sketches done. The artist did an awesome job of it. Have a look at some of the images. Awesome!

scanned images for poster

Once the images had been scanned (I did this job myself), the lines were made thicker and the backgrounds transparent so that they come out well on a poster of any colored background. I am sure you can make out the difference between the scanned images and the photoshopped images when you look at the poster. The photoshopped images were mailed to the copywriter who then sat with another graphic artist to work on the poster. They got one done, which looked like this:

We Celebrate v1

Now you will realize that the idea was cool, and the images shtudd. But the poster still looked bad! The whole idea of having three strips of different colors, the colors being primary (so that when put together they form white) was like compromising on the look of the poster for the sake of extreme geekiness. I decided to scrap the primary color funda. And after a little touch up, here is the almost final poster for you.


We celebrate v2

Truly, Madly, Deeply: in love with designing. I celebrate! 😛

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Its very amazing dat this post has no comments till now… may be coz noone checked it till now… thanks junta for giving me the pleasure of being the first one to comment …..

Now i can admit tht I am Truly, Madly, Deeply: in love with… I Thank Amrit !!! 🙂

Cheers !!!

That pic looks freaky but good job. It looks studd!
You owe me one for the title of this blog. 🙂
PS: I thought you didn’t like that blue colour.

The Truly Madly Deeply part. Didn’t you say I, rather my blogpost, was responsible for that?
I didn’t like it on the poster either.


Your post made me feel like listening to the song. The poster was conceptualized before I had read your post. So sli! 🙂


🙂 Thanks!

although the pictures representing the ideas are from around the world, just to give an Indian flavor for Shaastra, you could have tried the Indian national tri color as background instead of the primary colors; they could have given perhaps a better contrast….

just before Shaastra, send images of some of the completed posters to me and i shall put them in my blog

the pics have a childish feel..I thought shaastra was serious stuff..but looking at the bright side., guess more colorful junta will come to shaastra:)


I had thought of the tri color idea sir. But precisely for the reason that you have already mentioned (ideas are from around the world), I felt that an Indianized background wouldn’t really be that appealing for the images that were done.

I will surely mail you the images before Shaastra.

@Gen guy

Did you mean the pics used in the second poster? I kinda agree about the childish feel in them. But tell you what dude, junta come over coz of the ‘IIT’ brand more than anything else! 🙂

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